UMCG starts research on the effect of cannabis oil in treated liver cancer patients

The reason for this study was the experiences of two individual patients. They had advanced liver cancer. They started using cannabis oil on which the tumors shrink. Now, 2 and 5 years after their diagnosis, respectively, the tumors have completely disappeared and are healed. Laboratory research has shown that cannabis can inhibit the growth of liver cancer cells. But a possible anti-cancer effect of cannabis oil in patients cannot yet be explained, because no scientific research has yet been done in patients.

Cannabis oil

The cannabis oil that will be used is produced by the Transvaal pharmacy, a specialized pharmacy with the appropriate certificates for the production of study medication. The cannabis oil has a fixed composition with precisely defined amounts of THC and CBD, two important substances that occur in cannabis. The pharmacy uses cannabis flowers of the Cannabis Sativa L. variety, which are standardized and pharmaceutically grown by Bedrocan on behalf of the Ministry of Health. In this way, the consistent composition of the cannabis oil is guaranteed.

Study design

The study will first determine the correct dose that the patients will receive. They receive the maximum dose of the cannabis oil that has just no side effects. After 3, 6 and 9 months, the participants in the study will then have an imaging of the liver and blood tests to see if there is an effect on the liver tumors. The blood test examines, among other things, the presence of tumor markers and the liver function of the participants.

Treated patients with liver cancer

This study is being conducted with patients with advanced liver cancer for whom no treatment is possible except for symptom control. Since cannabis oil is broken down by the liver, only patients with good liver function should participate in this study. Participants must not have severe liver cirrhosis (liver damage due to scarring), or if they do, it must not affect their liver function. Patients can be referred by their practitioner to the UMCG to participate in this study. A total of 20 patients can participate. The study will take approximately three years.

UMCG starts research on the effect of cannabis oil in treated liver cancer patients
Source link UMCG starts research on the effect of cannabis oil in treated liver cancer patients

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