Unfinished Mission – Biography Ethan Turabaz

On March 6 last year, Ethan Turabaz, former Honorary Consul General and founder of the Afghanistan Friends Foundation, passed away too young. He spent his entire life in Afghanistan. And his mission to improve the lives of Afghans continues. In his book Ethan Turabaz, his wife Marloes Bolsboom-Trabaz honors him, his life and his devotion to his country.

75% of the population needs humanitarian aid

In early 2021, the Taliban began their advance following the withdrawal of US forces. After the fall of Kabul, many (financial) aid were cut off and the situation of many people, especially women and children, deteriorated severely. According to UN Woman, 75% of Afghans are currently in need of humanitarian assistance. Ethan herself was born in Afghanistan and fled to Holland after Russia’s invasion of 1979, seeking connections between her homeland and her homeland until her death.

Marloes Bolsboom-Trabaz, author, Ethan’s wife: “Ethan served Afghanistan in many ways, from meetings with former President Karzai, involvement in trade missions and the 3D Defense Policy, to medical exchanges, diplomatic training in Clingendaal, and a visit to the Great Church. Up to major exhibitions, along with the Foundation Friends of Afghanistan he founded, he has put education in Afghanistan on the agenda and has realized many projects and achievements. All to have a positive impact on the country. With my book Ehsan Turabaz, I want to draw attention to Afghanistan and continue its unfinished mission. ”

Biography Ethan Turabaz

This book gives readers a glimpse into the life of a man who devoted himself wholeheartedly to improving the lives of Afghans. This book takes you through the story of his life, from his flight from a country so dear to him, to the political developments that have led to the current situation in Afghanistan. The book also tells many anecdotes about how Ethan has enriched the lives of many through the power of connection.

The book “Ehsan Turabaz” can be ordered from: www.stvva.nl. All proceeds from this book will be donated to the Friends of Afghanistan Foundation. to complete his mission.

https://www.thehagueonline.com/features/2023/05/23/the-unfinished-mission-biography-ehsan-turabaz Unfinished Mission – Biography Ethan Turabaz

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