Unions threaten actions at shipping company Hapag-Lloyd

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FNV Havens and CNV Craftsmen threaten actions at the German shipping company Hapag-Lloyd. The unions cannot agree with the company on a pay increase. In addition to automatic price compensation for inflation, the unions demand a structural wage increase of 4 percent. Earlier on Wednesday, an ultimatum issued by the unions expired.

The profits of shipping companies such as Hapag-Lloyd have risen sharply in the past year. Due to the strong economic recovery from the corona crisis and the high demand for consumer goods, the need for sea containers has increased sharply, while the supply is limited. The rates for shipping goods have exploded as a result. Shipping companies such as Hapag-Lloyd benefit from this.

“The profits of the German shipping company are skyrocketing,” says FNV Havens in an explanation. The unions therefore find it unfair that they cannot get a wage increase on top of the price compensation. CNV Vakmensen says that strikes should not immediately be taken into account when taking action. “It will start with playful actions in the coming days, but that could change just like that,” said a spokesperson. Hapag-Lloyd has about 300 employees in the Netherlands, mainly in Rotterdam.

Hapag-Lloyd said earlier this week that it expects much fewer delays in the sea transport of freight containers by the end of the year. The decisive point will come when employees who are currently out of work due to the coronavirus return to the terminals, CEO Rolf Habben Jansen said.

Unions threaten actions at shipping company Hapag-Lloyd
Source link Unions threaten actions at shipping company Hapag-Lloyd

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