Unrest about new conditions, but WhatsApp persists

What is in the new conditions?

In the new terms and conditions, WhatsApp asks users for permission to send messages between the user and companies via the Facebook platform. Facebook would not be able to read the messages, but it makes it easier for companies to communicate with many customers, according to Whatsapp. What companies do with that data is up to them, the company writes. For example, they can use what you say to them in WhatsApp for targeted advertising.

WhatsApp emphasizes that nothing will change for the messages between family members, friends or acquaintances and that they are still protected. It is also up to users themselves to contact companies. Different conditions will apply within the EU than outside the EU, but the company is asking for permission everywhere.

Initially, WhatsApp wanted to implement the change in February, but when there was a lot of fuss about the consequences, it was postponed. A WhatsApp spokesperson said that in the meantime users have been informed about the change and that of the users who have received the change, a majority has also accepted it.

Read here what WhatsApp itself writes about it (in English).

Unrest about new conditions, but WhatsApp persists
Source link Unrest about new conditions, but WhatsApp persists

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