Unrest Bij1: Gario’s complaints about ‘male dominance’ and the sowing of ‘division’ | Politics

The expulsion of Bij1-prominent Quinsy Gario from the party was related to complaints of “dividing divisiveness”, “male dominance and manipulative behavior” towards other members.

Bij1 has announced this via Twitter through party chairman Jursica Mills. A members’ meeting is currently taking place about the unrest that is brewing in the party. This is referred to as ‘toxic behaviour’.

This week Bij1 experienced its first internal crisis, after party prominent Quinsy Gario was banned.

The number two was kicked out of the party. According to the party board, he jeopardized the ‘fundamentals and a safe work situation’. What it was all about remained unclear for a long time. Now the board says that it concerned sixteen complaints from ‘signal submitters’: “Those were people of color, white people and black people.”

Themes in the report are: making sense, manipulative behavior, stoking, disrespectful interaction, creating peer pressure, blocking, running away, not being open to conversation and more,” the party said via Twitter: “During the campaign from November – February more signals from volunteers came in. These signals included dividing volunteers and candidates, male dominance and manipulative behavior towards other active members.”

“At the beginning of March, even more signals came in and several volunteers indicated that they could no longer work with the person in question because of a feeling of insecurity and insufficient confidence in good communication with him.”


The dispute around Gario put pressure on unity within the party. Actress, writer and BIJ1 list pusher Anousha Nzume received much acclaim on Facebook with a post in which she says she is “seriously disappointed” in the way the board communicates.

She and others question the investigation into Gario, which was done by law firm Van Overbeek De Meyer. That was described as ‘a white bureau, commissioned by a board whose active members are not very diverse, about a black man’.

Gario complained to media that he never saw the investigation himself and that he does not know why the board has terminated his membership. He received support from Bij1’s department in The Hague: board member Mariam el Maslouhi says that she herself ‘had the opportunity to experience how some people at Bij1 do not know how to treat black people and people of color’. She says she is ‘in shock’ by the treatment that Gario has received.

Until today, party leader Sylvana Simons was absent from the discussion, she said she was on vacation.

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Unrest Bij1: Gario’s complaints about ‘male dominance’ and the sowing of ‘division’ | Politics
Source link Unrest Bij1: Gario’s complaints about ‘male dominance’ and the sowing of ‘division’ | Politics

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