US Treasury Secretary: High Inflation Unacceptable

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The high inflation currently facing the United States is “unacceptable,” said US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen. In an interview with the AFP news agency, she says she is “concerned” about the current inflation, which has not been this high in decades. She also warns about the consequences of the crisis surrounding Ukraine.

If the West decides to impose sanctions on Russia over a possible invasion of Ukraine, it could have “worldwide consequences,” Yellen said. The minister spoke in particular about the consequences for the energy market, “given the importance of Russia as the supplier of oil to the world market and natural gas to Europe”.

Yellen says the Biden administration is currently “doing everything it can” to curb inflation, which is currently “a major concern for many Americans.” Prices rose in the aftermath of the corona pandemic, partly because problems arose with the supply of products. The Federal Reserve will act “appropriately” to bring inflation under control, Yellen said.

Yet the US economy is not bad, according to Yellen. She draws a comparison with the financial crisis in 2008, which caused catastrophic damage. Despite two years of the corona pandemic, there were no such consequences this time. The minister also refers to the strong labor market.

US Treasury Secretary: High Inflation Unacceptable
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