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News Article | May 24, 2023 | 18:32

The Dutch Consulate General in Toronto, Canada is looking for an Innovation, Technology and Science Advisor (Full time, 37.5 hours per week).

The Netherlands focuses on innovation, technology and science and ranks in the top five in the Global Competitiveness Index. To secure its global position as a leader in innovation and strengthen its global competitiveness, the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy launched the Global Netherlands Institute, based in Dutch embassies and consulates in 16 countries around the world. Established Innovation Network (NIN).

The Dutch Innovation Network promotes international cooperation between companies, research institutes and public institutions in the fields of innovation, technology and science. The network’s activities help implement the Dutch government’s international knowledge and innovation plans. Through international cooperation and a global network of offices, we aim to further develop key enabling technologies and address national and global challenges.

We develop international cooperation by:
– Provide knowledge and information on the latest innovation, technology and scientific developments around the world.
– Connect with potential partners abroad.
– Hold overseas innovation missions, seminars, workshops and matching events.
– Identify funding mechanisms for bilateral and multilateral cooperation.

The Dutch Innovation Network in North America connects Dutch companies, research institutes and public institutions with relevant innovation, technology and scientific organizations in the United States and Canada. NIN works closely with its sister organization, the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA). Like NIN, NFIA is focused on strengthening the Dutch ecosystem, but NFIA is focused on promoting investment in the Netherlands to achieve this mission.

job description
As an Innovation, Science and Technology Advisor, he will be part of the NIN Team North America and will be based at the Dutch Consulate General in Toronto. The team consists of 13 of his colleagues, divided into offices in Washington (6), San Francisco (3), Boston (3) and Toronto (1), covering the United States and Canada. increase. The position in Toronto is the team’s latest expansion. The decision to expand the NIN network to Toronto was driven by the strong interest and growth in bilateral science and technology cooperation in recent years.

You will be responsible for the development of priority areas of Dutch-Canadian bilateral cooperation, in particular (integrated) photonics, quantum technology, agricultural technology, climate technology (hydrogen) and sustainable aviation. It reports on how the Canadian government is developing policy in these areas and identifies the latest relevant developments in industry and science. You identify and facilitate opportunities for cooperation. It can initiate and facilitate missions, events and visits to position the Dutch character in Canada. Explore how Canada is approaching commercialization and public-private partnerships.

You will work with all departments of Canada’s diplomatic network. Our collaboration with the NFIA will be emphasized as both our organizations have similar missions, overlapping networks, and an active interest in promoting international industrial R&D cooperation. In the course of my work, I will be in regular contact and working closely with the Embassy in Ottawa and the Consulate General in Vancouver.

In your role, you will:

  • Research and report on relevant policy developments, technology sectors and trends, and identify matching opportunities. This position will focus on (integrated) photonics, quantum technology, agriculture technology, climate technology (hydrogen) and sustainable aviation.
  • Responsible for maintaining and expanding the I&S&T relationship between the Netherlands and Canada.
  • Contribute to the implementation of NIN and NFIA strategies and related activities.
  • Report to the Department of Economic and Climate Policy, the home of the resident mission and relevant stakeholders in each department.
  • Identify, evaluate and facilitate potential partners and areas of R&D and I&S&T cooperation in both Canada and the Netherlands.
  • Respond to inquiries from both the Netherlands and Canada regarding I&S&T developments, trends and policies.
  • Networking in industry, government and research communities in both the Netherlands and Canada.
  • Produce sector reports on relevant I&S&T sectors in Canada.
  • Reports on policy developments in Canada related to I&S&T, R&D and related economic sectors.
  • Reports on relevant developments in the field of science and research and development in Canada.
  • Support and organization of programs for the Dutch delegation to Japan (government, industry, universities, research institutes).
  • Assisted in holding I&S&T related events in Canada.

Required Skills and Expertise

  • A clear interest in innovation, technology, R&D, and preferably 5-7 years of relevant work experience in an international I&S&T environment is required. Focus on high-tech systems and materials, digitization.
  • Academic master’s degree (preferably in related technical or innovation studies)
  • Be fluent in English (reading, writing and speaking)
  • excellent writing skills
  • Skilled communicator and presenter
  • Ability to convert abstract requirements and demands into concrete proposals
  • Relevant networks in the Canadian industry and research community.A similar network in the Netherlands would be an asset
  • Understanding the Dutch government structure and related networks
  • Understanding Dutch innovation and science and technology policy
  • General understanding of R&D programs and projects
  • General understanding of science and technology policy and government structures
  • A general understanding of the research community
  • Familiarity with relevant Canadian I&S&T sectors is an advantage.
  • Proactive, service-oriented, flexible and able to serve both Canadian and Dutch customers
  • Candidates should be comfortable working and communicating with people of all levels of seniority (Canadian and Dutch) and should be open-minded team players.
  • A working knowledge of the Dutch language will be an asset.
  • A good working knowledge of French will be an asset.

we offer

We offer local contracts and competitive salaries in a dynamic and challenging international environment with good secondary terms. Salary Estimate: Starting at $5,718 CAD per month. The initial contract period is one year, but it can be extended.

Note: A valid Canadian residence/work permit is required.

The Dutch government promotes an active diversity policy and is committed to inclusive organisation. We do this by optimally locating and capitalizing on people’s differences. We value diversity in age, gender, culture, background, orientation, knowledge and ability when building teams and recruiting new talent.

We hope to fulfill this position as soon as possible.

For inquiries, please contact the following.
For more information on the content of this position, please see Sanne Echten ( or Thake Manning (

To apply for this position, send your motivation letter (in English) with your resume and references to Taake Manning ( “Vacancy Advisor Innovation Technology and Science – CG Toronto”.
The application deadline is Friday, June 16, 2023.—innovation-technology–science-advisor Vacancies in Toronto – Innovation, Technology and Science Advisor | News Article

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