Vacancy: Agricultural Policy Support Officer, Embassy of Japan in Hanoi | News Article

Candidates must email a letter of intent and resume in English to Ms. Ingrid Coving, an agricultural counselor. Ingrid To Monday 26thth Closed June 2023.

Candidates whose letters and resumes are deemed to meet formal requirements will be invited for an interview. A second interview may be part of the selection process.

General characteristics of work

Agricultural Network (LAN) represents the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (LNV) in the field of agriculture and nature in the areas it operates, and for this purpose it maintains close liaison with local authorities, Dutch and local businesses and civil society. is maintained. organization. They form an integral part of the diplomatic network of their representative countries. They make an essential contribution to strengthening the Netherlands’ international standing in the field of agriculture and nature by:

  • Support the policies of LNV’s major departments.
  • It provides business services to the Dutch agribusiness sector.
  • Bilateral and multilateral cooperation.

Agricultural networks contribute to strengthening the goals set out in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in particular food security and the fight against climate change, as well as the international implementation of the Netherlands (LNV) strategy. also contribute to Aiming for more sustainable and circular agriculture. The Netherlands can contribute to these goals and strategies by drawing on its excellent knowledge and technology (including starting materials) base. This, intertwined with promoting trade, attracting investment and negotiating market access with the authorities of representative countries of Dutch agricultural products, will be an important aspect of this work.

The Agricultural Attaché Network takes a proactive approach, exploring Dutch agribusiness opportunities and establishing direct contact with stakeholders through its newsletter. www.agroberichtenbuitenland.nlsocial media and the Embassy website (ZMA).

Policy support personnel are tasked with providing policy support for the LAN and are able to work autonomously on activities within a designated framework. Policy support personnel set up processes to keep your LAN working as efficiently as possible. He/she is eager to learn, is open to change, is a team player and has a “can do” attitude. Customer focus, planning and organization are key competencies for this role. Suitable candidates are interested in various aspects of agriculture, food and nature. You are characterized by excellent communication and interpersonal skills and the ability to work constructively within and outside your department. Policy makers are expected to be able to work independently, but consult with colleagues when necessary.


  • We provide support for official visits, trade missions, seminars, workshops, exhibition activities, network meetings and all other LAN activities.
  • Establish and maintain contacts related to the above duties and independently make related arrangements.
  • Collect data and ensure that it is accurate, available, timely, correct and complete. Identify and report on developments relevant to policy areas.
  • Collect relevant market information about the Dutch agri-food sector and share this with Dutch stakeholders.
  • Address trade questions from Dutch agri-food companies and inform them about opportunities in Vietnam.
  • Support agricultural counselors.
  • Provide speech and presentation support and prepare information documents.
  • Independently produce monthly reports and process, analyze and interpret financial data.
  • Responsible for LAN financial management, progress reporting, annual accountability, and responsible for the financial portion of the LAN’s ‘Operating Budget Plan’ in accordance with guidelines set by LAN Headquarters and the Department of Agriculture and Nature. Food quality framework.
  • Create contracts with contractors for large-scale events and development cooperation projects.
  • Coordinate the use of Achilles within a LAN team.
  • Working independently with the embassy communication team and CG on the strategy and implementation of LAN Vietnam communication. Social media, photo libraries, promotional materials.
  • We plan and coordinate articles and posts for LAN and Embassy social media channels.
  • Design, manage and coordinate the LAN portion of a digital “collaboration space” for archiving and sharing documents.
  • Responsible for LAN-Vietnam’s CRM system and contact database system.

Areas of knowledge, skills and experience

  • Relevant work experience (preferably in an international setting).
  • Higher professional level; combined with a clear interest in agriculture, food and nature/biodiversity.
  • General knowledge and understanding of financial and (agricultural) economic issues.
  • Fluent in English and Vietnamese (reading, writing and oral).
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • networking skills.
  • Efficient and time management skills.
  • Financial management knowledge and experience in financial reporting.
  • Good computer skills (general office software).
  • Experience with HTML.


  • A positive and flexible attitude towards different tasks and workloads.
  • analytical thinking;
  • Customer focused.
  • Focus on results.
  • Excellent situational and organizational awareness.
  • Ability to plan and organize.
  • You can work in teams or independently.
  • Positive work attitude, fun and cooperative behavior.
  • Honesty and the ability to exercise discretion are essential.


We offer competitive salaries on a local staff wage scale of 7 (Steps 0-15: USD 1.622-2.434), with starting salaries ranging from Steps 0-4 (USD 1.622-USD 1.839). , the total monthly amount varies depending on the number of employees. Years of relevant work experience.

Application and selection

If you would like more information about this position, please contact Ms. Ingrid Coving, Agricultural Counselor. Candidates must submit a motivation letter and resume in English. Ingrid To Monday 26thth Closed June 2023.

Candidates whose letters and resumes are deemed to meet formal requirements will be invited for an interview. A second interview may be part of the selection process. Vacancy: Agricultural Policy Support Officer, Embassy of Japan in Hanoi | News Article

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