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News | 21-03-2023 | 08:13

The Embassy of the Netherlands in Yemen in Amman is looking for a dedicated, dynamic, independent and trustworthy full-time General Affairs Officer.

The General Affairs Officer supports the entire Embassy team with a focus on administration, finance and IT support. She/he is a member of the company’s emergency response team. Additionally, this officer acts as a liaison to various Jordanian authorities and embassies for administrative and visa matters. He/she is accountable to the operations manager. Are you a hardworking team player, looking to work in an international environment and ready to go the extra mile to get the job done?

Please send your resume and statement of purpose to Attached is the job posting. Deadlines for submission of applications are as follows: Sunday, April 2, 5:00 pm (Amman time).

A | Basic Details

office post number 63898513
job title In charge of general affairs
Mission Amman’s Sana’a
job level 6
number of hours 37.5

specific information

General Affairs Officers (GAOs) work independently in a number of general affairs areas including finance, housing, general affairs and IT (GO-officers). In addition, he acts as the main embassy liaison with various authorities in Jordan on administrative and visa matters. He/she is accountable to the operations manager.

B | Tasks and Responsibilities

B.1.1: Results Area

  1. Support for operational management processes (PIOFAH – Human Resources, Information Systems, Organization, Finance, Administration, Accommodation)
  2. a) On-site clerical support
    b) (Administrative) Support in the field of information systems and ICT
    c) Administrative support in the financial sector
    d) Administrative support in the field of accommodation
    e) Logistics operations
    f) BHV (company assistant)

B.1.2: Tasks

  • Support for Operations Management Process (PIOFAH).
  • Provide administrative support for one or more operational management processes in the areas of PIOFAH (Human Resources, Information Systems, Organization, Finance, Administration and Accommodation).

The tasks below are examples and are not exhaustive.

A. Human resources support

  • Maintain contact with local social security and income tax departments regarding regulations.
  • Maintain contact with your health insurance company.
  • Maintain contact with cleaning companies regarding recruitment.

B. Support for information systems and ICT fields

  • GO (Gebrückerson Dursteiner)

C. Support in the financial sector

  • Cashier on a mission, close the weekly cash sheet – Cash sheet archive in Sofia
  • Liaison with external suppliers – follow up payments and request offers
  • Phone system – invoices, follow-up payments.
  • Initial contact with your telephony provider
  • Create and send invoices with SSP

D. (staff) support in the area of ​​accommodation and chancery

  • Guidance on housing conditions for foreign staff, appointments with real estate agents, coordination of customs procedures for goods, etc.
  • Logistics including customs clearance for household goods, cars, pets, etc.
  • State of entering and exiting.
  • Chancery inventory management.

E. Logistics support/liaison

  • Protocol on Contacts and Official Visits with Governmental Authorities
  • Contact the tax office for a tax registration number. Tax exemptions and refunds for both embassies and staff.
  • If necessary, we perform interpreting services during meetings and visits of embassy officials during liaison with local authorities.
  • We support foreign staff with residence permits, diplomatic ID cards, driver’s licenses and all related matters regarding the management of domestic staff (contracts, residence and work permits and dismissal payments).
  • Liaise with moving companies regarding handling and customs clearance (including pets) and provide logistical and administrative support to expat staff regarding cargo/containers.
  • Liaison with other missions, namely the Yemeni Embassy, ​​regarding visa applications for foreigners and local staff traveling abroad.
  • Keep internal administrative records up-to-date and archived in Sophia and/or 247Plaza (e.g. access key cards, key inventory list, etc.).

F. Additional tasks

  • BHV (in-house emergency response personnel)


  • GAOs are accountable to Unit Heads for the progress and quality of personnel, accommodation and other support services, and for the supervision of local staff.
  • The work is carried out in accordance with the administrative and procedural regulations of the ministries on internal control.
  • The person in charge determines the nature and content of communications with suppliers and maintenance companies regarding the provision of goods and services and inventory management.

D| Contact

  • To provide housing information if staff are stationed abroad.
  • Exchange information with staff about deficiencies observed in housing and household content.
  • With administrative staff on planning and completing work.
  • Communication with local governments, other organizations and companies regarding customs clearance of goods, obtaining documents, arranging medical examinations, etc.

E | Knowledge, education and skill requirements

E.1.1: Knowledge

  • Knowledge of internal administrative and procedural rules relevant to the operation of the mission and their application.
  • Knowledge of relevant local laws.
  • Skills to gather, uncover, and provide management information.
  • Skills in interacting with users, external companies and suppliers.

E.1.2: Abilities

  • Verbal and written communication skills
  • planning and organization
  • Ability to work accurately
  • client orientation
  • majesty
  • ability to predict
  • Flexibility
  • Initiative

E.1.3: Level of Education/Additional Training and Knowledge

  • Higher Professional Education (HBO)
  • Preferential treatment for those with 3 to 5 years of experience
  • Fluent in Arabic and English
  • Familiarity, knowledge and experience with accounting
  • Experience of contact with local authorities and the general public
  • computer literacy

Work environment

The Dutch Embassy in Yemen is a medium-sized embassy located in Amman and Sanaa. Its mandate is to maintain bilateral relations between Yemen and the Netherlands. A key task of the mission is development assistance to Yemen. The embassy consists of her 21 employees (8 local staff in Sana’a, 3 local staff in Amman, 7 expatriates and 1 expatriate in NL. GAO is Amman is based in

The candidate works in a team of a total of 7 local staff (4 in Sana’a and 3 in Amman) and 1 foreign staff (Operations Manager). Candidates work only in the Amman office.

G| Staff Profile

(Active) Active and enthusiastic person who enjoys working in an international environment. Open and communicative personality with external and internal ‘clients’. A person who can solve problems independently. A good sense of accuracy, honesty and discretion is required to get the job done.

H | How to apply

Please send your resume and statement of purpose to

The application deadline is Sunday, April 2, 5:00 pm (Amman time). Vacancy: General Affairs Officer | News Article

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