Van Schuppen even had goosebumps in his face: ‘My first goal in the Rat Verlegh, fantastic’ | NAC

Boris van Schuppen got the chance in the starting line-up at NAC and grabbed it with both hands: the native from Breda scored his first goal in the Rat Verlegh Stadium and determined the final score against MVV at 3-0. ,,This tastes like more. One hundred percent.”

He already thought he could score against Excelsior in Breda, but then mentor Ralf Seuntjens touched the ball, but now he finally has his first goal in the stadium where he stood as supporters in the stands. Even as a basic player. It gave him a special moment with the supporters; afterwards he sang another song with the B-Side. “If I’m honest, I even got goosebumps in my face. I was sent by Nick (Olij) to the supporters: you have to sing a song. My first goal in the Rat Verlegh, fantastic.”

The smile did not disappear from his face for the rest of the evening. ,,You know you’re going to play towards the B-Side in the second half, unless the opponent is going to be a nuisance at the toss. I notice that they are a fan of mine, so it’s great that I score.”

,,Do you have a minute?”, Van Schuppen replied when asked who was sitting in front of him in the stands. ,,My parents, my grandfather, some friends, my sister, a friend of hers, friends of my parents. I know plenty on the B-Side. A lot. Every game at home is special. The people who are there now are almost always there. I really like that, I appreciate that too.”


His chance in the starting lineup – he already made his basic debut against FC Eindhoven, this was the second time from the start – presented itself. ,,I am happy and grateful that the coach gave me the opportunity. I had a good substitute against Excelsior, against Jong AZ I was sometimes unhappy in the final phase. Against FC Volendam I noticed that I created some threat, depth and energy. Now I got to hear it yesterday.”

,,When I made my basic debut, the trainer had asked on the phone: are you going to score? Now he asked again when he told me I was going to play. “It’s okay,” I said. And I scored. I’m really happy.” He hopes to remain standing now. ,,In the end it’s all up to the coach, but I think I took my chance. I am especially happy that I was able to decide the game with the 3-0.”

Youth education

It was an evening of the youth academy of NAC. A goal from Vieiri Kotzebue, an assist from Pjotr ​​Kestens and the goal from Van Schuppen. “Everyone gets a lot of opportunities this year. Today we showed that we can do well. You sometimes hear that young players are a bit youthful when it comes to football. But we are also developing, trying to play more and more maturely. Ultimately, the attacking boys also want to be decisive. That worked today.”

Van Schuppen even had goosebumps in his face: ‘My first goal in the Rat Verlegh, fantastic’ | NAC
Source link Van Schuppen even had goosebumps in his face: ‘My first goal in the Rat Verlegh, fantastic’ | NAC

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