Vastlastenbond: risk of incorrect calculation of WOZ value increased

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The Vastelastenbond warns consumers against the introduction of the new measurement method for calculating the WOZ value. According to the consumer collective, it can lead to an increase in the number of incorrect findings. “In municipalities where the method has already been introduced, this has led to additional objections,” says Dirk Jan Wolfert, director of the Vastelastenbond. “That is a signal for us that things are not going smoothly.”

From this year on, all municipalities must determine all estimates based on the housing surface, in addition to a comparison with homes in the municipality that have recently been sold. Previously, they were also allowed to base themselves on the contents of a home. According to the Valuation Chamber, which monitors the values ​​set by municipalities, the new measurement method is more accurate.

“Ultimately, it should be more accurate,” Wolfert admits. “But if you change the methodology, it is often incorrect or raises questions.” WOZ values ​​can be significantly higher in certain cases due to the new measuring method. Wolfert has seen examples where the WOZ value has suddenly increased by 20 percent. The Vastelastenbond therefore expects that the number of objections will increase in the short term.

The mandatory change of method applies this year to approximately 250 of the 352 municipalities. The rest had already been transferred to the new system. According to the Valuation Chamber, the consequences there were limited. “In some municipalities that made this transition last year, this has led to additional questions and objections,” can be read on the website of the Valuation Chamber. “But in many other municipalities, publishing WOZ values ​​based on the surface area for the first time went very smoothly.” The Valuation Chamber could not be reached for comment on Thursday.

Municipalities determine the value of a house every year. Because house prices have been rising sharply for years, the WOZ value also rises. Based on this, the level of various taxes is determined. The WOZ value of homes rose by an average of 9 percent last year and is based on the value of the home on January 1, 2021.

Vastlastenbond: risk of incorrect calculation of WOZ value increased
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