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All eyes will be on Wilfred Genee, René van der Gijp and Johan Derksen tonight. The trio of Today Inside is back from being away after the umpteenth riot within the program. ,,I think we have good figures tonight’, says Derksen, the analyst, beforehand.

In the run-up to tonight, there is a lot of speculation about the viewer numbers. The SBS6 program was on the air for more than two weeks after the almost traditional commotion about the program had arisen at the end of April. Johan Derksen had hung up a story from fifty years ago in the television broadcast. At the time, De Snor would have ended up at two women’s homes after a night out with a keeper from Veendam, in his time as a professional football player. Initially he claimed that he had penetrated a woman, unconscious from drunkenness, with a candle. A day later, he changed his story, saying that he had “left a candle between her legs.”

Derksen was bombarded with criticism. Sponsors withdrew, dinner guest Roos Schlikker withdrew her cooperation and the Public Prosecution Service stated that it would open an investigation. He resigned, did not feel supported by the Talpa management, but nevertheless entered into talks with the top of the station. In the meantime he lost a lot. He was no longer able to present his radio programs Radio Rijnmond, Radio West and RTV Noord-Holland. He was no longer welcome at the Blues festival in Grolloo and his theater show was cancelled. Reportedly, the musicians did not want to continue without Derksen. Derksen: ,,The whole cancel movement has really hit me hard, but it’s the trend these days. You can’t escape that. People I thought were friends have let me down.”

‘Just sit back’

John de Bever was one of the first on the doorstep. With pastries. “He was still with me yesterday,” said Derksen, who reconsidered his decision after tough talks with the Talpa top. So Genee, Gijp and Derksen will be there again tonight. With Heleen van Royen as a guest at the table, Roxane Knetemann at the bar. Much attention will not be paid to the riot of two weeks ago. Derksen: ,,We’ll just sit down again.”

The program disappeared two years ago, then Veronica Inside called, also temporarily from the tube. Even then, Derksen received a lot of criticism after a Zwarte Piet joke about rapper Akwasi. The commotion that arose led, among other things, to a boycott of the internationals and a call from Dutch celebrities to companies to stop advertising the program.

When the gentlemen sat down again to make the so-called ‘racism broadcast’, on June 21, they reached more viewers than ever: 1.7 million. After that it was a struggle between Genee on the one hand and Gijp and Derksen on the other. For a moment, the program was about to end. Until John de Mol personally intervened and kept the gentlemen to their contract.

Today Inside can be seen on SBS6 tonight at 9.35 pm.

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VI trio Genee, Gijp and Derksen back: ‘We’ll just sit down’ | show
Source link VI trio Genee, Gijp and Derksen back: ‘We’ll just sit down’ | show

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