Vijlbrief will talk ‘intrusively’ with NAM about wastewater injection Twente

State Secretary Vijlbrief (Mining) will have “penetrating talks” with the board of the Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij (NAM) about the intended resumption of the storage of toxic waste water in the soil in Twente. He promised that to the House of Representatives.

Vijlbrief had been called to parliament by MP Omtzigt. The House has long wanted the water injections to stop, because of the dangers to the environment and the surrounding area. There is also a lot of resistance in Twente itself, supported by comedian Herman Finkers.

The NAM has a permit to inject the water released during oil extraction in Schoonebeek, Drenthe, into empty gas fields in Twente. The injections have been stopped since December, after irregularities were found, such as a much too high concentration of toluene in the water.

Enhanced surveillance

This is now being investigated and NAM thinks it will be able to start extracting oil and water injections again in June. Vijlbrief agrees with the House that this is only possible “if there is absolutely no doubt about safety”. The State Supervision of Mines will monitor more closely, if the process is resumed at all.

Various parties urged Vijlbrief not to resume the water injections. But that is not possible, according to the State Secretary, because NAM has a permit that he cannot simply withdraw.

From Twente to Drenthe

The injections in Twente will stop at the end of this year anyway, the company recently announced. The waste water will then be stored near Schoonebeek, where oil extraction also takes place.

Like the House, Vijlbrief does not want the problem just to be moved from Twente to Drenthe. By the beginning of 2024 at the latest, Schoonebeek must have a ‘circular system’. This means that the wastewater is extensively purified, so that only substances enter the ground that have also come out.

Yet the residents of Drenthe are also concerned. Vijlbrief promised that they would be involved in the decision-making process through a consultation procedure.

Vijlbrief will talk ‘intrusively’ with NAM about wastewater injection Twente
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