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Youtuber and influencer Dee van der Zeeuw can’t believe her luck. The 24-year-old blonde announces to her more than 1.4 million Instagram followers that she is expecting. Late last year, Dee revealed she had had three miscarriages. ‘I am a born mother’, it sounded emotional at the time.

The news must feel like a gift from heaven for Demira, as the youtuber is really called, and her boyfriend Lars. Starting a family was one of her biggest dreams, but it didn’t go well for her.

Last November, Dee reported having had three different ‘types’ of miscarriages. Although she was silent about this before, she decided to tell her story. “We want to break the culture of silence that hangs on this,” she said. Moreover, she could no longer stand to ‘hold up a mask’.

In the video Dee shared, she was overjoyed when one of the pregnancy tests turned out to be positive, later showing her grief over the bad news. ‘It will be all right someday. We’re not giving up,” Dee wrote. “We love each other and we realize more than ever how grateful you should be for a healthy life. Hope gives life.’


So now there is good news. In her Instagram Stories, Dee lifts a corner of the veil today. “The last few months have been quiet online, but a lot has happened in our lives…,” she writes. Moments later, she shares a photo in which she shows the world her baby belly and the ultrasound photos. ‘September 2022’, it reads. The gender of the sprout has not yet been announced.

Under the baby news it rains messages from fans and colleagues. ‘Ah so nice’, respond Suzan & Freek. Anouk Hoogendijk says she thinks it’s great news and congratulates the couple. Kirsten, Nick Schilder’s wife, is also making herself heard. “Wow my dear Dee, congratulations, what great news.”

With nearly 350,000 YouTube subscribers and 1.4 million Instagram followers, Dee is one of the country’s most popular influencers and vloggers. She became known to the general public during her relationship with Enzo Knol.

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Vlogger Dee pregnant after three miscarriages: ‘A lot has happened’ | show
Source link Vlogger Dee pregnant after three miscarriages: ‘A lot has happened’ | show

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