Wall Street much higher in the weekend | Financial

The Dow Jones index closed 1.1% higher. The broad S&P 500 rose 1.5%. Nasdaq technology exchange advanced 2.3%.

The share of entertainment group Walt Disney (-2.6%), however, was damaged after a quarterly update. This showed that the number of subscribers to the Disney + streaming service increased, but less strongly than what analysts had taken into account. The number of subscribers was 103.6 million, but analysts had expected an increase to over 110 million.

Technology funds

Technology funds like Apple (+ 2%), Facebook (+ 3.5%) and Tesla (+ 3.2%) were in demand due to the softened fear of a faster rate hike by the US central bank. Higher interest rates are particularly negative for tech companies.

Airbnb (+ 4%) benefited last quarter from the lifting of corona restrictions in several countries, including the US. The company registered $ 10.3 billion in bookings, more than half more than a year earlier when the corona crisis started and the travel industry virtually came to a standstill.


Coinbase, the largest digital currency trading platform in the US, fell 2.5%. Turnover rose sharply in the past quarter due to the increased trade in crypto coins such as bitcoins.

Wall Street much higher in the weekend | Financial
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