Warmest September 6 on record with more heat yet to come

Wednesday, September 6, has officially been recorded as the warmest September 6 ever measured in the Netherlands since temperature measurements started in 1901. According to KNVI, the temperature reached 28.3 degrees at 02:20 p.m. in De Bilt, Utrecht, in the center of the country where the meteorological office KNMI is situated.

This surpasses the previous record set on September 6, 1958, when the highest temperature measured was 28.2 degrees. This is only the third record temperature for De Bilt in 2023. Previous records were set on January 1 and July 8. Just a month ago, August 6 was the coldest on record, with only 15.8 degrees in De Bilt.

Nationwide, the temperatures are expected to be even warmer on Wednesday, potentially setting a new record for the highest temperatures recorded on this date across all stations in the Netherlands. The current record, set at 31.8 degrees, was established in both Twente and Hupsel in 2013.

The weather over the next seven days will continue to be “sunny, dry and very warm for the time of year,” according to the KNMI. “The maximum temperature will be around 29°C, a few degrees lower on the Wadden,” the meteorologists predicted for Thursday. A weak wind will come in from the east. There will be a chance of fog during overnight and morning hours, which could be particularly dense over the weekend in the north.

The highest temperature over the next few days will remain around 29 degrees. Nighttime lows will be around 16-17 degrees.

The forecast for Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday indicates partly cloudy skies, with a high chance of thunderstorms on Tuesday. As we move into the latter part of next week, we can expect more thunderstorms and rain showers, with temperatures exceeding the long-term average of 18 degrees during the day and 10 degrees at night.

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