Waste reveals purchases ‘spoiled’ Dave Roelvink | Gossip

Opinion maker and journalist Sander Schimmelpenninck, among others, shares the images. “Deef Roelvink ordered some paup things from Richmond and guess what he did with the boxes,” he writes. Other people figured out what was in the boxes. “Maybe Dave Roelvink should get his butt off his Breeze Khaki Velvet chair worth 440 euros and put those boxes neatly in the paper bin? # spoiled generation # aso020 ”, someone reports.

When asked, a spokesperson for Roelvink said that Dries Roelvink’s son did indeed put the boxes on the street. “It was garbage collection day,” said the spokesman. “Dave can’t help it if the council is not doing its job properly.” Dave himself responds in a video on social media: “In Amsterdam you put your garbage on the street on Thursday, so that it is removed on Friday morning. Well, here it was and it has been taken away. And now back to the order of the day, I think. Day.”

It is not the first time that Dave Roelvink’s behavior has been the subject of discussion on social media. He recently stopped making vlogs about anti-corona demonstrations after using a fake police press card. Earlier, he lost his driver’s license after a drunken madman ride.

Waste reveals purchases ‘spoiled’ Dave Roelvink | Gossip
Source link Waste reveals purchases ‘spoiled’ Dave Roelvink | Gossip

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