Water purifier NX Filtration sees an increase in orders outside Europe

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The Enschede maker of water purification technology NX Filtration won many orders outside Europe in the second half of 2021. For example, it helps an Indian textile company to reuse industrial waste water. The turnover of NX Filtration increased sharply last year.

The company is active with so-called nanofiltration, whereby water is purified using membrane technology. This can be used for the production of drinking water and the treatment of waste water, for example. Compared to traditional purification techniques, the technology of NX Filtration uses about 70 percent less energy, says CEO Michiel Staatsen. The company does not use any chemicals.

The turnover of NX Filtration almost quadrupled last year to 4.1 million euros. That is more than the company had expressed in its expectations. Growth was particularly rapid in the second half of the year, as it set up new sales teams operating in countries including the United States, Mexico and India. According to CEO Michiel Staatsen, the fact that NX Filtration is growing faster outside Europe is also because decision-making processes there often go faster.

A net loss of 11.4 million euros was recorded, compared to 2.1 million euros in 2020. The company expects turnover to more than double in 2022, to between 8 million and 10 million euros. According to NX Filtration, this can be done, among other things, by scaling up production.

In the Netherlands, the company from Enschede is conducting a pilot project for the North Holland drinking water company Puur Water & Natuur (PWN). “Reusing water is becoming increasingly important,” says Staatsen. “Even in Western Europe we are starting to suffer from drought and a falling groundwater level.” NX Filtration believes it can contribute to solving these problems. According to the maker of water treatment technology, only 2 percent of waste water in Europe is currently reused.

NX Filtration made an IPO in Amsterdam in June last year. The proceeds will finance further growth of the company. Construction of a new factory in Hengelo will start later this year. The listing also gives the company more prestige and notoriety abroad, helping to bring in new customers and employees.

Water purifier NX Filtration sees an increase in orders outside Europe
Source link Water purifier NX Filtration sees an increase in orders outside Europe

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