Waylon cheated on his girlfriend while pregnant

A while ago, Bibi Breijman and Waylon became parents for the second time to their son Chester. What this time should normally feel like a ‘pink cloud’ – now turns out to be more of a nightmare of sorts.

At least, for Bibi that is. Photos were recently shared of conversations Waylon would have had with a fling. In those messages it becomes painfully clear that it was not just a matter of app, but that there would also have been an actual agreement. And all while Bibi was still pregnant.

Waylon through the dust

The couple got to know each other through the singing program It Takes 2 in 2017. In the program, Waylon became the coach of Bibi and their qualities and chemistry made them win that season. It didn’t take long before it was announced that they were completely in love.

A little while later, daughter Teddy was born and little Chester is now also a full family member in the Bijkerk-Breijman household. Yesterday, a number of juice channels posted disturbing screenshots of conversations between Waylon and an unknown woman. This shows that there has been contact and that Waylon has even agreed with this lady in question.

Self-reflection: ‘I’m an asshole’

Waylon sees that he has been wrong and goes through the dust for a while. He does this through a post on his Instagram channel: “I can’t say anything now that makes this lighter for Bibi. All I can say to myself is to seek help for the demons in my head. What I’ve done is unforgivable and I don’t expect Bibi to forgive me just like that. I want to be a better father than I’ve been a friend. I love my family most of all and that’s what I screwed up. The only thing Bibi deserved now is to be able to enjoy her maternity period in peace, and I even took that away from her. I’m an asshole!”

Comments on words Waylon

However, his apology does not sit well with everyone. One follower responds: “Jesus man, she just fucking gave birth to your second child” and another responds: “Yes you fucked up. big time† Glad you admit that. I think your story is rather lame, except for that. I feel so bad for Bibi. Poor girl…. All the attention should be on her.”

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Waylon cheated on girlfriend during pregnancy and is now going through the dust very deeply

Waylon cheated on his girlfriend while pregnant
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