Webcam sex with a Dutch fan (19) costs married Megadeth founder (56) his career: ‘I was naive’

Ellefson is filing a lawsuit against the person who distributed one of those videos on social media. It is probably an acquaintance of the Dutch, who emphasizes through a statement shared by Ellefson that the sexually explicit conversations took place with mutual approval.

The police report states that Ellefson, with more than half a million fans on Facebook, a well-known metal bassist, first met the young woman when he was signing autographs after a performance in the Netherlands in 2019. “They became friends and continued to chat on social media,” reads the report, which the authoritative music magazine The Rolling Stone writes first.

The second time they met in person, according to Ellefson, was presumably in February 2020, in a hotel lobby. He emphasizes that during this meeting there was no physical contact and that they only talked. According to Ellefson, there has never been any sexual physical contact between him and the fan.

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