Weekend Special May 18-21, 2023

weekend special

Weekend specials feature the main events in the Hague region and its surroundings, suitable for expatriates and the international community.

This weekend’s highlights include the Projazz Downtown Festivals at Paard and Kullenhaus, the CaDance Festival at Koltzo, four short comedy plays by “master of the short form” David Ives at the Kunsthut Theater, and a riverside Includes a food festival at Lelorend Den Haag. Hofweier.

There are many other events happening this weekend such as the Hague Bollywood Festival and Reproductive Health Day at co-working/event space Wrkshop (5 minutes from Laan van NOI station).

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ProJazz, Het Paard and Kullenhaus will open May 18 and 19, 2023 at the brand new state-of-the-art ProJazz Downtown. The festival kicks off with the ‘Belgian Day’ in Paard on May 18th. Jazz and classical music connector Jeff Neve and improv noise double bill Don Kapot & MDC III follow.

On Friday the 19th, Ntjam Rosie and SMANDEM will host soulful jazz and funk with an afterparty at Koren House.

CaDance returns to Corso. From May 18th to 29th, the adventurous Biennale Festival showcases the latest movements in dance, circus and theater.

During the 12-day festival, CaDance presents 7 world premieres and 5 international performances. With the theme of ‘Where Worlds Collide and Connect’, the festival welcomes participation in the ‘other’ world more than ever. CaDance is based in Corzo, but this year it will spread its wings with special performances all over the city. From Koltzo to Larkhavens, Lutherskirche and Central Station Square: CaDance aims to move the people of The Hague.

The Rotterdam English Speaking Theater Group presents an evening of four short comedies by ‘master of the short form’ David Ives on Friday 13 May at The Kunsthut Theater in The Hague.

The four performances are “Time Flies,” “Sure Thing,” “Bolero,” and “Captive Audience.”

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