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Engie and Delta have also taken over customers from Eneco. A number of Welkom Energie customers have revolted, they are dissatisfied with the much higher rate that Eneco has charged them, according to an inventory by the AD. They came to this supplier when Eneco took over all customers of Welkom Energie for €2 million.

Customers now pay around €1.80 for a cubic meter of gas and €0.49 for a kilowatt hour of electricity.

When asked, Eneco says there is no other option: these are the rates charged to all customers during the switching period. Many Welcome Energy customers think this is unjustified: they still have hundreds of euros in credit from Welkom Energie that went bankrupt, and they pay even more than they claim to be able to get from other providers. Especially people with a small purse say they do not see how they can continue to pay for this.

Thousands of customers

Vattenfall confirmed on Tuesday that it has received ‘several thousand’ customers from Eneco. Switching quickly is possible, although there is normally a notice period of thirty days and a switch always requires a two-week reflection period. This does not appear to be enforceable in practice.

If customers submit a written request to waive the statutory cooling-off period of fourteen days that applies to switchers, in practice they can switch immediately, according to Vattenfall.

The spokesperson for Eneco says in a response that the switchers only form a small part of the total number of customers. “Every departing customer is of course one too many, but so far it has been not too bad.”

However, the statutory notice period used by Eneco ends on 1 December. Then customers can do whatever they want. “Then we have to look further into how this will develop,” says Eneco.

Substantial gas price

According to the supplier, the rates are not excessively high at all: customers receive the rate for which Eneco had to purchase energy itself at the end of October. That price was one of the historically highest ever and applies to all entry-level buyers at the time.

In a specially created Facebook group of victims, members also complain about the slow handling of the bankruptcy by the bankruptcy trustee. The remaining amount that still awaits it would turn out much lower than expected.

But most are incensed about the large price difference that Eneco was confronted with. For example, former customer Astrid van Buijtenen paid €167 at Welkom Energie and now has to pay €288 at Eneco. Moreover, many customers struggle with the choice between a fixed and a variable contract.

Welcome Energy customers are once again fleeing from ‘expensive’ Eneco | Money
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