Welcome to Wokum …

If you are a foreigner who likes the Dutch weather, please explain. Personally, as I head towards autumn and winter, I’m worried about the moment I ride my bike in the torrential rain of 4 degrees Celsius on Monday morning. In the dark.

However, there are also benefits to the weather. Usually it snuggles up to a dim brown cafe and makes excuses for fried light meals and good beers with friends. And the festive season is approaching.

Hoarding, sharing,’because it will be difficult

Halloween is approaching. This has gained semi-permanent recognition here in the Netherlands, even though most of us Dutch are still standing on the fence about how to properly celebrate Halloween. It’s pretty easy to dress up and be hammered, but the whole trick or treat can be counterproductive.

You see, forever we have celebrated Sint Maarten. I vaguely recall the whole idea behind Sint Maarten. To be honest, a man called Marten was born to two Roman parents in Hungary around 316 AD (if his dad’s name was Nortius Maximus, I would stick to laughter). I had the philosophy of giving things to the poor.

Good for him. After that, it came to be associated with Christianity. As you know, Marten didn’t want to be a bishop, even if he was interested in the religion, but he made the mistake of hiding himself from his followers in a crib full of geese.

Again, a sketch of Monty Python appears in my head.

Sint Maarten is basically a day to remember that the coming months will be more difficult and food shortages.

Halloween is almost the same. Unless this was a Celtic festival, people originally believed that the ghosts of the dead would return to Earth, and for some reason tampering with the crops was a good idea. So if you see someone staggering in a “slut nurse” outfit across the street, don’t judge. Remember: they are driving away ghosts.

The ideas behind the two are similar: stock, share,’ because it would be difficult.

Second, there are similarities between Sinterklaas and Santa Claus. Sure, there’s a bit of an opinion about the first one (let’s call it a “quarrel”). I think there is a wrap sheet somewhere in Santa. So Edward Snowden had to live in Russia, which may be why Santa lives in the Arctic …

Basically, we can continue a bit to explain that all the holidays celebrated by people of different cultures are based on the same principles. I think Bill and Ted best summarize it.

Please do not judge.

Excellent to each other

Today I read an article in which the term “Wokum” was coined (by the way, anyone who came up with it is a genius). I liked the explanation. This was followed by the sentence, “All modern discussions are settled here.”

When Chris Pontias raises his eyebrows, no one Jackass I did a handstand on the quilt to show off Wiener at Dam Square (but things might not have worked for him if he was on the bike path).

But the problem is that these next few months will definitely raise some eyebrows for the festival. And opinion. Opinions are like ** holes, they say-everyone has it.

So welcome to Wokum, like the rapidly becoming distressed baboons of food shortages, soaring petrol prices, and the other months the world throws at us. Excellent for each other.

Welcome to Wokum …

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