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During a digital presentation we have the latest part in the game series call of Duty can see in detail. A game that returns to the Second World War.

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With the success of Call of Duty Warzone it made sense to wonder if a new game would be expanded this year. At a time when gaming is increasingly moving towards ‘gaming as a service‘ (earning model in which new content is continuously offered in the computer game industry, ed.) A new part every year is not always logical.

Warzone will therefore continue to exist, as could be seen during the presentation. But there will also be a new part in November: Call of Duty Vanguard.


In many ways this is the successor to Call of Duty: WWII, which came on the market in 2017. In that year, developer Sledgehammer Games already started inventing stories in the game that will be released this year.

WWII focused on the battle of the Allies who landed in Normandy and eventually ended up in Germany. This is certainly the most famous part of the war for Western Europeans, but much more happened. In addition, the emphasis should be more on stories from a personal point of view. Not the war central, but the people themselves.

Four Nazi fighters

Call of Duty Vanguard’s story campaign thus takes place during World War II, in places around the world. The story features four protagonists who are teamed up for their extraordinary abilities. Their mission: in the final days of the war, ensure that an ominous Nazi project is nipped in the bud. Easier said than done, because the mission initially goes completely wrong and the foursome ends up in the Gestapo headquarters.

Fictional, but based on reality

The four protagonists are fictional characters, which are inspired by soldiers who actually existed. You fight like those soldiers in battles that profoundly influenced the outcome of the Second World War. The same goes for the villains, such as Gestapo boss Heinrich Freisinger, who is loosely based on the real-life Gestapo leader Heinrich Müller.

Sledgehammer showed us a five to ten minute clip from one of the campaign’s missions. It started in the air, when protagonist and sergeant Arthur Kingsley is dropped over Normandy. It’s a scene like you’d expect from Call of Duty: anti-aircraft guns are flying everywhere, burning planes crash to the ground and a hurricane of sound is coming at you.

Everything can break

The technology behind Modern Warfare is the basis for Vanguard, but of course various visual improvements have been made. For example, the way in which effects such as smoke and fire are simulated has been overhauled, allowing fire and smoke to develop more realistically and to send burning embers swirling through the environment if you are indeed close to a large wooden mill that goes up in flames .

From the technical innovations that Sledgehammer then went through with us, the new ‘persistent damage system‘ out. A lot can go wrong in this Call of Duty. In fact, players can shoot down wooden walls to create new passageways. That also presents an interesting challenge, as each room in the game has thousands of different possible layouts, depending on what players are destroying.

Screenshot of Call of Duty Vanguard. © Activision

Details about multiplayer

The presentation was mainly focused on the Call of Duty Vanguard story campaign, but that didn’t stop the developers from briefly mentioning some details about the other game modes. It is clear that Sledgehammer delivers a full multiplayer mode, with no less than twenty levels at introduction to the game.

Sixteen of the levels are for 6v6 action, four are smaller for 2v2 combat. Incidentally, on the levels, games with more players will probably be possible, as is usual in Call of Duty, but Sledgehammer did not make any further statement about this.

Realistic bullets

Also interesting: Vanguard simulates the flight path of bullets in more detail and takes into account bullets that, for example, graze a wall, where the material the wall is made of also provides other effects. You can also climb walls and other objects, in order to move limited from left to right in a sheltered position. They’re small details that already give away a little bit about how Call of Duty Vanguard plays, but we need to see more before we make a further judgment.

Preliminary conclusion

With Call of Duty Vanguard, fans of action-packed shooters get a full-fledged ‘CoD’. When the series returned to a World War II setting in 2017, the response was enthusiastic. Vanguard seems to continue in that vein, possibly with cool improvements to the gameplay. At least there are technical improvements, judging by the few scenes we’ve seen so far.

We’ve already seen the latest Call of Duty: back to World War II | Tech
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