What Changes Occurred to Netherlands Online Casinos Following Legalization

Historically, the Dutch people have been acknowledged for having unique legal systems and a very permissive attitude toward taboo subjects. You may assume that internet gambling was never a huge concern here, but you would be wrong.

The Netherlands had banned online casino gambling before the Remote Gambling Act (KOA) was passed and put into place on October 1, 2021. Despite this, it has become clear in recent years that outright prohibition of internet gambling is no longer an option.

The Netherlands launched its regulated online gambling market, and residents can wager on sporting events or play casino games online. Legalization and regulation will only increase the gamblers’ protection while playing at casinos accepting iDeal payments.

Below, you can learn about all of the alterations to the remote gaming industry in the Netherlands and proceed to play at any legal online casino of your choice.

The Rise of Holland Online Casinos

Because of the ongoing growth and improvement in the sector, Holland’s online casinos have become more popular. Therefore, the need for implementing new rules and regulations has increased. Regulation and licensing are in place to keep you safe while playing at government-authorized and approved sites.

After years of delays, The Dutch Senate finally enacted the Remote Gambling Act in February of 2019, only targeting the greatest offenders in providing unlawful games of chance.

More than 80 online gambling operators have formally shown an interest in a Dutch license. Smaller gaming hall companies in the Netherlands also said they would love to launch online gambling sites. The legislation took effect on October 1, 2021, and six months prior was the first opportunity for service providers to apply for a license.

What Changes Occurred Regarding Netherlands Online Casinos?

As an independent regulating body, the DGA, situated in The Hague, is in charge of making amendments to Dutch gambling laws. It’s also in charge of providing licenses to online gambling organizations.

Online casino players in the Netherlands will be more protected if they suspect they were treated unjustly. Moreover, people will trust the websites they use since they know the business is finally legally regulated. As a result, these new online casinos became accessible in Dutch, unlike existing illegitimate casinos that Dutch residents can access on the internet.

iGaming companies must use specific methods and restrictions to decrease the risk of gambling addiction among their customers. Self-exclusion options are now available on all gaming websites, allowing players to safeguard themselves.

Private operators can join the market under the Remote Gambling Act, which also grants permission for new kinds of games like sports betting. Despite these changes, the distinctive Dutch approach of placing a strong priority on player security remains:

Taxes will not be levied on any winnings, and gambling gains don’t even have to be disclosed to the authorities. Legal online casinos in the Netherlands allow players to withdraw their winnings easily and free of charge.

Netherlands Online Casinos: Final Verdict

More and more individuals opted not to wait for the Dutch government to pass legislation legalizing internet gambling. This boosted the Dutch gaming business, generating billions of euros annually.

Open markets enable operators to promote new game offers, which work effectively in other regions and can develop even more.

The Netherlands’ attitude on online gambling will continue to undergo rapid transformation. More changes will likely benefit everyone involved, from the companies hoping for them to the players who will use them.


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