Where to GainNew Knowledge If You Are aRecent MBA Graduate

Seeking new knowledge is not an easy task for recent MBA graduates. Information on the Internet, online and offline courses seem familiar, and the information is often duplicated. As a result, fresh knowledge and skills have to be collected bit by bit.

In this article, we will talk about non-obvious but useful sources of knowledge which will come in handy if you’ve just graduated.

Internet Forums, Professional Communities

Internet forums might seem very old and outdated, but they still exist, and some might contain priceless knowledge. On good forums, participants share insights, talk about the specifics of their work, argue, and get to know each other. The advantage is that the source of the expertise is immediately visible here – each speaker indicates the name, position, work experience.

Another powerful plus is that forum members can quickly get answers to practical questions from industry experts. So, if you still lack a bit of experience as a recent graduate, this might be a unique opportunity for you to read and work on real-life cases.

A serious disadvantage of forums is that the knowledge in them is not structured. Instead, insights have to be collected bit by bit: read the participants’ stories, clarify the details, argue. And participants can solve specific management problems for months.

Conferences, Seminars, Round Tables

At face-to-face conferences, managers share their experiences, get to know each other, and participate in discussions. Such an event allows participants to feel at the center of the action and compare their experience with their colleagues.Therefore, it should be extremely useful for young MBA graduates, as you get the chance to make new acquaintances in your field and gain more experience.

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Such conferences, seminars should be viewed as a source of knowledge, but with a caveat: knowledge, cases, and expert opinions are not structured, often relate to different areas, and therefore do not always help to solve relevant problems for you.

Profile Сourses

Sometimes for effective management, there is not enough knowledge in a specific area: time management, recruiting, change management, finance, marketing. In this case, it is advisable to find a profile course and undergo training. There are face-to-face, part-time or online courses.As a young professional, you shouldn’t neglect this way of learning, as in the future it might lead you to a better position at work.

You can participate in such courses online or offline.

  • Full-time education. The format requires maximum involvement in the educational process and, as a rule, partial separation from the current work, if you already have one.
  • Online training. In form and essence, the process is similar to face-to-face training: teachers give lectures, give feedback, and check homework. When scheduling classes and developing a curriculum, organizers usually take into account the wishes of the participants. It might be very convenient if you want to combine work with the educational process.By the way, if you would need some help completing your writing assignment on any topic, consider getting help from such services as MasterPapers, like many other online students.

For example, lectures are usually held in the evenings and on weekends so as not to distract participants from their work. Online teachers throughout the day – consult students, check homework. So that students can consolidate the material, presentations from the lecture, video recordings of webinars are posted in the chat.


Good blogs allow you to regularly receive the most relevant knowledge and cases that are easy to apply in your work. On the other hand, bad blogs publish popular and too general articles; usually, they are not applicable in practice.

To find a good blog, you should focus primarily on authorship. If the author is an experienced executive, his advice is likely to be helpful. On the other hand, content created by companies and information portalsmight not always be 100% reliable.

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If we compare blogs and courses, blogs for education might be more convenient for a young professional. You are not required to learn blog posts, and there are no deadlines there. The post you like can be saved for later and read on the weekend, saving you lots of time during the working days. If you are watching any video blogs, you can do it while having lunch or working out in the gym.

Blogs should not be perceived as a full-fledged source of specialized knowledge. This format is suitable for those who closely observe colleagues’ work, take advantage of their experience and expertise, monitor and implement modern management trends themselves, and reading/watching a blog is not the main source of information for them.Comprehensive Reviews of 5 Best Academic Services in 2021

In Conclusion

If you are a recent MBA graduate, there are many ways to gain additional knowledge. With the help of our article, we are sure that you will find a suitable way of learning for yourself. But whatever you choose, you are already doing great because constant learning is the only right answer to achieve better results in your field.


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