Whitelabel NFT Marketplace: New Cryptocurrency Digital Era Records

The segment of non-financial tokens (NFT) has already won a significant share of the financial transactions market. With a combined market share of more than $27 billion and a daily turnover of almost $3 million, even the most hardened traditionalists are thinking. The market is so fast-growing that the governments of the CIS countries simply do not have time to respond to changes and somehow influence the development of the cryptocurrency and digital assets sector.

Whitelabel NFT Marketplace New Cryptocurrency Digital Era Records

WHITE LABEL NFT marketplace development company has had a positive impact on the sales operations of collectibles, digital art, games, licenses, original design layouts. Objectively, NFT is not just an addition to the marketplace or any other format of trading relations, it is a new value system in which each owner of intellectual work can offer, sell and exchange their products for similar assets or cryptocurrency. The last calculation option will soon not differ from “live cash”. “Crypto” can be easily transferred to real coins through terminals or exchangers, and many services do not require an overestimated percentage, a complex exchange procedure, or the availability of identity documents.

Today, we can say with all confidence that Whitelabel NFT is a revolutionary breakthrough in the digital property protection industry. It will have an impact no less than once the launch of the Internet network in the distant 90s.

Features of the Whitelabel NFT platform

Currently, the platform allows you to create, sell or exchange crypto-digital goods under your own logo. The platform will become a profitable business for many intellectual property products: films, games, pictures, layouts, videos, videos, tutorials and many other products. The subject of trade relations can “stake out” its place on the site and easily participate in trade transactions.

To integrate into the Whitelabel NFT trading environment, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  • Determine the blockchain network on which the platform will run.
  • Study the specification of the token and the features of the system.
  • Set up functions for purchase and sale transactions.
  • Develop your own product or download ready-made solutions.
  • Test the site for errors.
  • Optimize the platform based on customer feedback.
  • Ensure platform promotion through regular updates, additions and quality improvements.
  • Establish transparency by filling out a profile and asset information. The merchant can at any time check current transactions, accepted and sent transactions and all data on trading operations.

The Whitelabel NFT platform offers its users a range of marketing services. The main advantage of the service is productive integration with search engines, social networks and online platforms. The range of influence of the trading platform allows you to use traditional tools for promoting goods and services, such as YouTube. Universality, an integrated approach and effective communication channels increase the value of the presented brands, resulting in improved conversion and real sales. You can learn more here:

Advantages of the platform of non-financial tokens

  • Sellers can attract thousands of investors from anywhere in the world.
  • Popularization of the brand in one of the fastest growing niches of online commerce.
  • A full-featured and advanced service for trading intellectual products.
  • High level of security. The platform is equipped with modern security tools, which reduces the possibility of unauthorized access to almost zero.

Whitelabel NFT is equipped with an author’s payment service and can accept and convert any type of cryptocurrency. This improves usability and minimizes the need to use additional payment services. More information is available here:

Aspiring merchants can earn from auction fees, online trading, NFT sales commissions, a percentage of collectibles sales, mining income, or completed transactions.

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