Wilders wants ministry of de-Islamization and imprison illegal immigrants

Geert’s PVV Wilders wants a ministry of Immigration, Remigration and De-Islamization, the party writes in its election program. In that program, the party again argues for an asylum stop and the detention and deportation of illegal immigrants. The opposition party also wants a bonus for care workers who start working full-time and the Dutch flag must be hoisted daily in schools.

The election program focuses mainly on measures “to safeguard our culture, our way of life and our core values”. The Netherlands must once again cross its own borders, which must be well guarded. The PVV has few good words in its program for people with a migration background. Moroccans in particular have to suffer. “Immigrant street terrorists, often Moroccans, terrorize Dutch people everywhere.”

‘Judeo-Christian is leading culture’

The party is lashing out at Islam and the “politically correct destruction of our own identity”. If it were up to the PVV, schools not only hoist the Dutch flag every day, but they also pay ample attention to “acquired western freedoms” in class. “We are constitutionally establishing that our Judeo-Christian and humanist roots are the dominant and leading culture in the Netherlands”, the party adds.

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In addition, the wallet is drawn for healthcare. Employees structurally receive more wages, and also more money if they start working longer. It must also pay to return to the hospital bed from an administrative position, for example. There will also be a “minister for housing for the elderly who will fulfill the enormous construction task”, if it is up to the PVV.

Minimum wage up

The party also wants to invest a lot of money in things that hit people’s pockets. VAT on groceries must be reduced, as must rental prices and energy bills. The minimum wage must be raised at the same time, and the PVV wants the state pension age to be reduced to 65 years. De Telegraaf asked Wilders in an interview about how he wants to pay for these expensive plans. “We will stop with nonsensical foreign spending, we will make domestic spending out of that,” said the PVV leader.


Wilders wants ministry of de-Islamization and imprison illegal immigrants
Source link Wilders wants ministry of de-Islamization and imprison illegal immigrants

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