Will the pandemic make the old-fashioned one-night stand disappear?

The global pandemic was not really conducive to single life. It was not so easy to go out for a one-night stand and we mainly enjoyed ourselves digitally. The question is, is the one-night stand a thing of the past?

Besides the fact that social life has come to a standstill due to closed cafes and restaurants, any fear of contamination does not really encourage dating. Our British Subway colleagues write about a study by dating app Plenty of Fish. An interesting discovery is that more than half of the single respondents see the one-night stand as ‘a thing of the past’. It is striking that especially men (61 percent) think so, compared to 45 percent of women.

Sexting or phone sex due to the Pandemic

And that, according to Plenty Of Fish, is due to our virtual capabilities. People are used to the digital and online resources and prefer that to a meeting in real life. Singles prefer a video chat, phone call or sexting over a date. Psychotherapist Beverly Blackman tells that the digital possibilities ensure that the need for an old-fashioned one-night stand decreases. “People can easily pretend to be different behind their keyboard. For some, the digital interaction gives them enough intimacy. It also protects you from emotional pain.”

“You may wonder what need does a one-night stand fulfill? Perhaps the pandemic offered a better or easier way to fulfill your need.” According to her, a lot is possible through virtual sex these days and getting physical is not always necessary.

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You can learn from a one night stand

Relationship expert and psychotherapist Neil Wilkie thinks we’re missing out on something special if we just go online. He also predicts that we will miss the one-night stand. “Physical connection is important for social development and personal well-being,” he says. “In digital intimacy, we miss the messiness and ups and downs of sex.” According to him, you miss the deeper connection and he even fears more loneliness.

Blackman also sees the flaws of online sex. According to her, it is only getting harder to enter into a ‘real relationship’. In addition, we can learn a lot from one-night stands. In digital sex, the ‘online character’ takes over and it becomes more difficult to be authentic. But it’s not just our urge for a one-night stand that has changed. No, our view of relationships and behavior is also changing. According to Blackman, people are more picky about who they spend time with. Informal appointments feel superficial and like a waste of time.

The old-fashioned one-night stand gets a new shape

dr. Chelsea Reynolds, of California State University, thinks more people are realizing that direct physical contact isn’t always ideal. “The pandemic is teaching us how much energy we waste on nights in the pub with a bad Tinder match.” Reynolds says that multiple one-night stands are known as risk-taking people. In doing so, she points to the fact that these people probably did not hesitate to continue doing this despite the pandemic. According to her, lovers of the disagreement will always be there. She therefore sees a gap between the pro and anti one night stands.

With an eradication of the one-night stand on the one hand and massive skin hunger on the other. Discordances will always remain, but may take a different form. Reynolds: “People keep looking for casual sex. But during the lockdowns, many of us learned better communication skills than they had in 2020.” She predicts that summer 2021’s one-night stands will be “more talkative.” “And I wouldn’t be surprised if many of them develop into surprisingly committed relationships.”

‘Make love’

Psychotherapist Wilkie joins Reynolds. “Unsatisfactory, alcohol fueled and clumsy disagreements should be avoided. In the post-pandemic world, sex will be about connection and making love.”

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Will the pandemic make the old-fashioned one-night stand disappear?

Will the pandemic make the old-fashioned one-night stand disappear?
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