without 1,5 meters, with access test or vaccination

Festival lovers can hang out today: you can party again from June 30th! Events without major restrictions are allowed from then on. People no longer have to keep 1.5 meters away and there is no need for a mouth cap. These are events for which you need an admission ticket. Visitors must be tested or have a vaccination certificate. Even if you have proof that you have recently been through corona, you will receive access.

The cabinet took this decision today and is basing it on the results of the Field Lab events that have been organized in recent months. “They concluded, among other things, that all types of events can take place safely if a corona test is used in advance and controlled inflow and outflow of visitors.” The corona test that provides access may be a maximum of 40 hours old.

Events up to 24 hours

Until July 28, the events can last a maximum of 24 hours, and there is a maximum number of visitors of 25,000 per day. A month later, from the end of July, multi-day events with overnight stays can be organized again, such as multi-day music festivals. Then the maximum number of visitors also expires. “RIVM does advise that at multi-day events, testing is not only in advance, but also in the interim,” according to the ministry.

Festival industry is relieved

The festival industry has responded with relief to the cabinet’s decision. Interim testing at multi-day events will still be “a logistical challenge,” Berend Schans, director of the Dutch Poppodia and Festivals Association (VNPF), told ANP.

“We’ve been working on this for almost a year now. It almost feels unreal that the time has come,” Schans responds to the cabinet decision. “We are very happy and grateful that the government contributed ideas and was closely involved in the Fieldlab events. Those results contributed to this decision.”

Schans has a clear opinion about testing: “We are not in favor of mandatory testing, but that is no different for the time being,” says Schans. “That’s temporary. And we understand that the public is willing to do that.”

Multi-day events

From the end of July, more is allowed and multi-day events are also allowed. The RIVM does advise not only testing beforehand, but also in the interim. According to Schans, this will still be “a logistical challenge”.

“At a multi-day event like Lowlands, it means that visitors have to be tested there. That applies to a few thousand people”, he already looks ahead. “I suspect that a separate facility will have to be set up. But they will find a solution.”

Schans does not know whether there are festivals that will run into problems because they are only allowed to receive 25,000 people until the end of July. Lowlands is only in August and Down The Rabbit Hole has been moved from July to August 27 to 29.

Field Lab Events

Fieldlab Evenementen has also welcomed the cabinet decision that events will be allowed again from 30 June without major restrictions. Marcel Elbertse, chairman of the steering committee, is proud that Fieldlab’s research results formed the basis for this.

“It is nice to see that the matrix of measures we have developed forms the basis of the adjusted roadmap,” says Elbertse. “That is a great recognition for the research led by lead researcher Andreas Voss and the extensive work carried out by the program team. It is now up to the events sector to get to work on this.”

Alternatives to 1,5 meter measure

According to Voss, alternatives to the 1.5 meter measure have been sought in recent months. “We have found these, together with the various scientific partners, and summarized them in the matrix. I am very pleased that our research and advice have contributed to this decision. This gives more people the opportunity to be present at events earlier. This gives society perspective again.”

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Festivals again from June 30: without 1,5 meters, with access test or vaccination

without 1,5 meters, with access test or vaccination
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