World Bank also removes staff from Ukraine

Photo: ANP

The World Bank is removing its staff from Ukraine amid mounting tensions between the West and Russia over the country. This is according to an internal memo that has been seen by the Reuters news agency.

According to the memo, the World Bank is giving the highest priority to the safety of staff and family members and they are therefore being temporarily evacuated. The US government last weekend called on US citizens to leave Ukraine as soon as possible, because a Russian invasion could start at any moment. US embassy personnel are withdrawn from the capital Kiev. Moscow denies planning to invade Ukraine.

The World Bank is active in Ukraine, among other things, in the field of financing to strengthen education and providing credit related to the corona crisis, such as vaccination against the virus. Since the start of the pandemic, the World Bank has provided nearly $1.3 billion in financing to Ukraine.

World Bank also removes staff from Ukraine
Source link World Bank also removes staff from Ukraine

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