Writer Arnon Grunberg wins PC Hooft prize for prose

Grunberg calls the PC Hooft Prize a great honor and considers the prize “the best you can win as an author”. That he receives the prize for narrative prose makes him extra happy. “That’s the most important thing I’ve written as far as I’m concerned.” He is grateful for the jury report, although he says he does not want to dwell on the praise for too long. “Then you also stay less sharp,” says Grunberg.

Relatively young age

The writer turned fifty this year and won the prize for prose at a relatively young age. His first novel, Blue Mondays, was released in 1994 and received two awards. In the years that followed Grunberg wrote more award-winning bestsellers, such as Tirza (2006) and moles (2016). In 2009 he already won the Constantijn Huygens Prize for his oeuvre and the Frans Kellendonk Prize in 2010.

dance performance

Grunberg is currently working on a dance project with poet Charlotte Van den Broeck. “I’m not a dancer myself, I’m even ashamed to dance. As a writer I tend to forget the body.” That is precisely why he decided to create a dance performance together with Van den Broeck to step out of his comfort zone. As soon as the shows start at the end of February, he will start working on a new novel.

unanimously agree

The PC Hooft Prize has existed since 1947, the year in which the 300th anniversary of the death of poet and playwright Pieter Corneliszoon Hooft (1581-1647) was commemorated. The jury consists of chairman Agnes Andeweg, Rashid Novaire, Esther Op de Beek, Coen Peppelenbos and Nina Polak. They unanimously agreed on the winner in 2022. According to them, Grunberg is curious and socially involved. In the report, the judges called his ambition, productivity and intellectual strength “unmatched”.

Dutch writers

The prestigious PC Hooft Prize is awarded annually to Dutch writers, taking turns for a varying genre: narrative prose, contemplative prose or poetry. Poet Alfred Schaffer received the prize for poetry at the previous edition. The jury called him “a poet who stands in the middle of this time without blowing with fashion”. In 2020 Maxim Februari received the prize for contemplative prose. In 2019, the now 101-year-old writer Marga Minco received the last PC Hooft prize for prose. The jury stated that she had become the Dutch voice in European war literature.


Writer Arnon Grunberg wins PC Hooft prize for prose
Source link Writer Arnon Grunberg wins PC Hooft prize for prose

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