Writer Inez van Dullemen (96) passed away | Stars

In the seventy years that she was active, she wrote about thirty collections of short stories, travel books, plays and novels, the publisher counted. Van Dullemen became known to a wide audience in 1976 with the novella Formerly is dead. The book is about the last years of her parents, with physical and mental decline. Formerly is dead was awarded by the Jan Campert Foundation and was made into a film in 1987, starring Jasperina de Jong.

Van Dullemen, wife of theater maker and stage director Erik Vos, also wrote the novel The Forked Beast (1986), which is set in the theater world that she had come to know well through her husband.

In the mid-1960s, Vos went on to lead a new theater company in Stanford, California, and also lecture at the University’s Drama Department in the town. Van Dullemen went with him. Back in the Netherlands she wrote the novel lice journal (1969) about the trek the Mormons made in the 19th century to freely practice their faith.

Writer Inez van Dullemen (96) passed away | Stars
Source link Writer Inez van Dullemen (96) passed away | Stars

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