Ye: Kim won’t let me in anymore | gossip

In the podcast, the 44-year-old rapper states that after he picked up his children from school and wanted to bring Kim to Kim, security stopped him at the gate of Kardashian’s house. “My daughter North wanted me to come in,” says Ye. “I was like, I’m the richest black man and North’s father and yet security is able to stop me.” West adds that he suspects comedian Pete Davidson, Kardashian’s new boyfriend, was inside.

According to West, he does not mind that Kardashian is in a new relationship. However, he is furious that he was not allowed to spend time with his four children. “They can do anything from me,” the rapper refers to Kardashian and Davidson. “But don’t touch my children.”

West and Kardashian have been divorced for some time. Recently, Ye has said several times that he hopes for a reunion. Whether he will come is by no means certain, also because he seems to have had a good time with actress Julia Fox since old and new. The two have been spotted several times on a date. Fox reported on one of those dates on Interview Magazine.

Ye: Kim won’t let me in anymore | gossip
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