You will soon be able to catch the night train to Prague!

Train travel is becoming more popular, which means that, fortunately, companies across the continent are establishing new routes to connect European cities by rail. The latest version of Amsterdam’s rail schedule? Night trains from Brussels via Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Berlin to Prague!

A Dutch company that operates night trains to Prague!

European Sleeper, a Dutch start-up, launched its route in April 2022 and hopes to serve it three times a week for the first few months. Trains stop in 12 European cities, including Antwerp, Hanover and Dresden, and two in the Netherlands.

“Our own sleeper trains will soon connect major cities, stop at spectacular train stations and cross stunning landscapes along the way,” European sleepers write on their website. Startups explain that this route is ideal for both city trips and business trips, leaving Brussels in the evening and arriving in Prague the next morning.

Dutch plans to improve rail connections with Europe

The Dutch government is eager to improve rail connectivity between European neighbors, as train travel provides a cheap and sustainable alternative to airplanes. However, since 2016, there will be no shortage of night trains in Amsterdam.

The latest announcement on services to Prague adds to the long list of plans for train services between the Netherlands and other European countries: although night services to Vienna are expected to begin later this year. , Railroad companies are also considering reintroduction Night train service to Zurich and establish a route between the Netherlands and Scandinavia!

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You will soon be able to catch the night train to Prague!

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