Young gymnasts are often bullied and abused

A lot has gone wrong in gym sports. This has emerged from a major investigation. For example, children had to exercise with injuries, they were allowed to eat less to stay thin, and they were yelled at and bullied.

It mainly happened with children who did gymnastics at a high level.

This kind of behavior is not part of top sport, say the researchers. Still, 35 percent of the young athletes who told their story experienced such things in the past year. It is even 85 percent of the top gymnasts.

The research was done in the gym world. This includes more sports than just gymnastics. For example, it also concerns trampoline jumping, free running and acro-gym. There are problems there too.

For most children who do gymnastics, there is not much wrong at the moment, according to the researchers. It mainly happens with children who have to train a lot. Certainly for them something really needs to change.

The gymnastics association has said sorry for everything that has happened. The association says it wants to change a lot, so that young athletes have a bright future.

Young gymnasts are often bullied and abused
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