Zoetermeer and The Hague Million Euro Homes: “Sold Within Two Weeks”

“We had a building for sale for € 900,000. Within a few days we had 46 views and sold well above the asking price,” said Zoetermeer Real Estate. Agent Michiel van der Harst says. The number of million euro homes in Zoetermeer increased 79 percent last year. At Statenkwartier in The Hague, you can quickly give up a million euros for your home. The district is located in the top three regions with the most € 1 million homes in the Netherlands.

The broker points to the Penthouse at Eerste Stationsweg in Zoetermeer. 3 terraces, private elevator to apartment, 2 private parking spaces, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. During the tour, realtor Van der Hurst enthusiastically talks about the bright top floor. ‘The previous owner laid the floor and installed sanitary facilities. The price tag for this house is 935,000 euros and you will have to set up your own kitchen. Some viewers have already visited. ‘

Zoetermeer is not the only city with a tight housing market. Over the last two decades, home prices haven’t risen as fast as last year. This is reported by the Dutch Central Statistics Office (CBS). Owned homes were 10.4 percent higher than they were a year ago. Despite the corona crisis, home prices continue to rise. Low mortgage rates and a shortage of housing markets seem to be important causes.

€ 6,800 per square meter

“I thought Corona would confuse the market, but it helped. Now, the crisis has forced many to work from home. Houses are getting too small and people have a larger living space. When the corona pandemic is over, people are no longer in traffic for five days, but we are expected to continue working from home, “says Van der Harst.

Statenkwartier in The Hague is located in the top three districts with the most € 1 million homes in the Netherlands. Zoetermeer and Leiden also see growth of 79% and 63%, respectively. In the case of a million, it averages 180 square meters.

I didn’t see the madness of the house coming

At Statenkwartier in The Hague, Eisenhowerarn, the former office building has been converted into four homes. According to broker Irma Postma, the corner house covers an area of ​​200 square meters and has many real details. “It’s nice to have two private parking spaces in this neighborhood,” Postma emphasizes. For € 1,375,000, it has 5 bedrooms, a living room, a dining kitchen, 2 bathrooms and a garden around it. That’s € 6,800 per square meter, “explains Postma.

“Statenkwartier is a popular place,” says a realtor. “The district is known for its beautiful and luxurious Art Nouveau architecture and is beautifully located near the beach, harbor and Fred, a popular shopping street.”

“Last year no one was thinking

Postma didn’t see the madness of this house coming. “No one would have thought of this early last year. It starts with tight markets, rising prices, and bottoms, but continues into the more expensive segment. People who come to this type of home are often homes. Leave behind, they are moving people. They are receiving good prices for their homes, so they can be used a lot. Of course, interest is very low, demand is increasing, and You can see that the prices in the upper segment will also rise. Of the four units in the old office building, two have already been sold at a asking price of € 1.2 million.

Both Postma and Vander Harst expect both homes to be sold within two weeks.

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Zoetermeer and The Hague Million Euro Homes: “Sold Within Two Weeks”

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