Zonderland expects his Olympic Games to be over: ‘Painful’

Did Epke Zonderland do his last exercise? The horizontal bar specialist set a score of 13,833 in the qualifications, not good enough for a place in the Olympic final, he expects.

“You definitely have to have a 14-plus for the final, so that is painful,” said Zonderland. “But what do you expect if you haven’t been able to train? In the training I couldn’t do anything that comes close to an exercise, it’s actually not normal that I did an exercise with this difficulty.”

Zonderland, who himself assumes that the Olympic Games will be his last tournament, was struggling with his health in the run-up to Tokyo, at the expense of his strength and energy. He didn’t make any major mistakes, but his practice was a bit too sloppy for a high score.

‘Bart is a place in the final’

Zonderland, who became Olympic champion in 2012 with a score of 16,533, is currently third. That means that of the sixteen competitors who will still be in action, a maximum of five may score higher than him.

Bart Deurloo did better. “Bart is a place in the final,” said Zonderland. Deurloo scored 14,400 and is currently first.

Both horizontal bar specialists have to be patient for a long time before they (certainly) know what their fate is. The second subdivision starts at 7.30am, the third and last one at 12.30pm.

Zonderland expects his Olympic Games to be over: ‘Painful’
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