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10 Best Dutch Castles | ExpatINFO Netherlands

With such a long history, it’s no surprise that Holland has many monumental castles where you can experience first-hand the Dutch nobility of old. Here are the 10 best Dutch castles to visit in a day (listed alphabetically).

Ammersoyen Castle

well preserved Casteel Amersoyen Built in the 14th century, it is located in the town of Ammerzoden (Gelderland) near the city of Den Bosch.

Canenbirch Castle

Castile Kanenbirch Dating back to the mid-16th century, its design is characteristic of the Renaissance period. It is located in the town of Wassen (Gerderland) near the city of Apeldoorn.

De Haar Castle

Castile de Haar It is the largest castle in Holland and has the most majestic exterior with towers and ramparts, moats, gates, drawbridges, chapels, gardens and ponds on 135 acres. It is located in Utrecht, a city in central Holland.

Dornenberg Castle

Castile Donenburg Originally established in the 13th century, it was greatly expanded in the 15th century. It consists of the front castle and the main castle connected by a wooden bridge. It is located in the town of Doanenburg (Gerderland), not far from the cities of Arnhem and Nijmegen.

Grenefeld Castle

Castile Greneveld Built in the Rococo style in the early 1700s, it has an orangery, carriage house and ornate gardens. Built on his 320-acre site in Baarn (Utrecht).

Hausburg Castle

Castile House Berg One of the largest castles in Holland, it dates back to the 13th century. In addition to classical elements such as the surrounding moat and turreted towers, the castle has a collection of art, a collection of weapons, and a coin minting room. It is located in the town of Herenberg (Gelderland) on the border with Germany.

Muiderslot Castle

The Popular Castile Muiderslot It is located in the town of Muiden (North Holland), 15 kilometers east of Amsterdam. It dates back to his late 1300s and features all the design elements you would expect from a castle: majestic gates, drawbridges, moats, towers and ramparts.

Lululo Castle

Castile Roullo Although it dates back to the 14th century, its current appearance was created mainly during the 16th and 17th century renovations. It is located in the town of Ruhrlo (Gelderland) in the eastern Netherlands.castle house museum (Museum of Modern Realism) and works by Dutch realist artists Karel Willink.

Slot Roebstein Castle

Castile Loebstein Built in the mid-14th century, it has served as both a fortress and a prison throughout its history. It is probably the most famous Dutch castle as it has been featured in many movies and TV shows. Loewstein Castle is located in the municipality of Zaldbommel (Gelderland) at the crossroads of the rivers Waal and Maas.

Twickel Castle

Castile Twickel Dating back to the 15th century, it has been renovated and expanded many times to include stables, a coach house, an orangery, Victorian ornamental gardens and water elements. It is located in the town of Delden (Overijssel), close to the city of Hengelo and close to the German border.

10 Best Dutch Castles - Slot Loevestein

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