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16 Days of Activities for the Dutch Embassy in Mozambique | News Article

News | Dec 15, 2022 | 14:33

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Mozambique kicked off the first day of 16 days of activism with a video of Elsbeth Akkerman, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Mozambique, speaking about the importance of raising awareness about women’s rights. 16 Days of Activism is part of the Paint the world Orange campaign in combating gender-based violence.

On the fourth day, the Embassy launched the Orange the World campaign. Orange the World is a global campaign against violence against women and girls.The campaign runs annually from 25th International Day against Violence against Women, November to 10th International Human Rights Day in December. In between days he is activist for 16 days. The launch included a photo shoot with Embassy staff.

On the fifth day, in collaboration with CESC and ASCHA, we organized a human rights talk with Polana Secondary School students to spread awareness about different types of gender-based violence.

On the 7th day, in cooperation with MISA, we screened the film “Writing with Fire” for journalism students. This movie is about human rights and freedom of speech. After watching the film, there was a discussion about both topics and how current journalism students view the importance of press freedom.

On the 12th day, the Ambassador of the Netherlands attended a conference on the status of women in Mozambique. The conference was intended to discuss her ten-year implementation of the Multisectoral Integration Mechanism for Women Victims of Violence.

Pascal Grotenhaus (right), Dutch Ambassador for Women’s Rights and Gender Equality.

human rights ambassador

On the 13th day, we welcomed Pascal Grotenhaus, Ambassador of the Netherlands for Women’s Rights and Gender Equality. As part of her visit, Pascal met with Mozambique’s Minister of Gender and Foreign Affairs, presented the Netherlands’ Feminist Foreign Policy (FFP), and invited Mozambique to a ministerial conference on FFP in The Hague. Additionally, she had lunch with several Mozambique-based ambassadors and civil society activists to describe her FFP in the Netherlands and gather input for its design.

Pascal also attended the signing of a gender pledge drafted by the embassy team. This Gender Pledge sets out specific commitments and key actions on gender equality for all Embassy colleagues, including specific actions for managers to maintain and promote (gender) equality. Pledges are commitments that provide guidance to everyone and are regularly discussed and evaluated to ensure that we can “talk” together.

This year’s Embassy Tulip Award winner is Julia Vilanculos.

Embassy Tulip Award

The Embassy Tulip Award Ceremony was held on the 14th day. The Embassy Tulip Award is an annual award given to human rights activists. This year’s winner was Júlia Vilanculos. Julia has been a sex worker and social activist for 15 years. She is currently coordinating the National Platform for Sex Workers Rights.

Meeting with the Youth Advisory Committee.

Youth Advisory Board

On day 15, we had our first meeting with the Youth Advisory Board. The Youth Advisory Board is an advisory group of seven young people whose purpose is to create opportunities to consult young people and consolidate their views on selected policy, strategy and implementation issues. A joint article by the Ambassador’s Group on child and forced marriage was also published in the newspaper.

The final day began with a breakfast meeting with local organizations that are part of a consortium for the ongoing Strategic Partnerships Program to Empower Civil Society. In total there are 42 strategic partnerships funded by the Netherlands. From there, 13 are active in Mozambique. Closing out the 16 days was Orange His Talk by three male activists about involving men in the fight against gender-based violence. There were drinks at the end and an opportunity to connect and talk about various activities.

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