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19 automatic weapons seized in raid in Rotterdam area

Photo: Politie Rotterdam

Police found 39 guns and ammunition bags, including 20 automatic weapons, in a series of searches of homes, storage boxes and garages in Rotterdam and the surrounding area.

Most of the weapons were found in two garages on Ridderkerk. Police also located a bag of more than 100 jerrycans of his containing chemicals used to make ketamine, amphetamine, and synthetic drugs.

Five men aged between 32 and 62 were arrested and taken into custody on Friday.

The raid follows a six-month investigation after being informed. “It’s rare to see so many weapons in one survey, and certainly not on this scale,” said Brigitte Norden, the regional police chief. and types indicate the suspect was involved in a major arms deal.”

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2023/04/19-automatic-weapons-seized-in-raids-in-rotterdam-area/ 19 automatic weapons seized in raid in Rotterdam area

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