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2022 in Pictures: A Summer of Pride, Fake News and Protest

Peasants took to the streets in protest. Photo: Sandra Wittenbogart ANP

Farmer protests, staff shortages at Schiphol and housing market problems continued to dominate the Dutch News headlines in July and August.

Images of inverted Dutch flags, blocked highways and stacks of suitcases waiting to be sorted have made various newspapers ask if the Netherlands is being invaded. national crisisAD in particular said the Netherlands was struggling to cope with a record number of major headaches.

The 1953 flood, according to the paper, led to “great solidarity” with the victims and a feeling that such a thing would never happen again. Professor Arjen Boyne of Leiden University told the paper.

Controversially admitted into the public system, fledgling far-right broadcaster ON Penalty for creating fake news. Since then, he has been fined several more times.

There were also the first signs that the housing market was overheating. cool down Because the average mortgage has fallen.

The first Pride Amsterdam Boat Parade was also held after two years of coronavirus. celebrated in the streets.

But there was also tragedy. truck plowed Off the road to a village barbecue where a group of people are celebrating summer. Six died instantly and seven later died in hospital.

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2022/12/2022-in-pictures-pride-fake-news-and-a-summer-of-protest/ 2022 in Pictures: A Summer of Pride, Fake News and Protest

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