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2022 in pictures: Skating, conspiracy theorists and football

Skating at Kinderdijk in December. Photo: Peter Hiltz ANP

In November and December, a new wave of protests swept farmers all over the place. Schiphol private jet.

Banned in the Netherlands British conspiracy theorist David Icke at a protest in Amsterdam. Icke had been invited to speak by the Samen voor in Holland, which organized the demonstration, ostensibly to protest “the submission of the interests of the Dutch people to European dictatorships”.

The protest, backed by many conspiracy theorists, far-right politicians and Covid deniers, was officially canceled by organizers after Icke was refused to participate. However, hundreds of people gathered without official permission.

A second study by the International Community Advisory Platform highlighted: discrimination against foreigners Worker. Many respondents also reported being treated differently and charged higher rates, especially when it comes to housing, because service providers are foreigners.

Nonetheless, survey responses also show that international workers want to get to know a new country. 53% attend Museumkaart, taking Dutch lessons.


In Europe, the Dutch decision prevent Bulgaria from joining Participation in the Schengen open border area has caused protests.

Domestically, the Amsterdam City Council has finally announced plans to try to reduce the number of problem tourists. ban cannabis smoking On the streets of tourist areas.

The plan also includes shortened closing times for restaurants, bars and brothels in the red light district, and a public ‘stay away’ campaign starting in 2023 to combat low-end tourism.

The cold wave brought a welcome outdoor skating In Qatar, the Dutch football team was knocked out of the World Cup in the quarterfinals.Meanwhile, the Dutch Moroccans celebrated their side’s record-breaking performance.

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2022/12/2022-in-pictures-skating-conspiracy-theorists-and-soccer/ 2022 in pictures: Skating, conspiracy theorists and football

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