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2022 in pictures: swimming, Schiphol and cannabis cafes

Crowded red light district alley. Photo: Sabine Joosten ANP

Problems at Schiphol Airport continued in June as airport authorities prepared to cancel hundreds of flights Due to lack of baggage and guards.

The association of tour operators ANVR said the cancellations will affect “hundreds of thousands of travelers”, with those planning to travel between mid-July and mid-August being the most affected.

There was also bad news for those planning to vacation at home after EU officials announced that the quality of bathing water in the Netherlands was among the lowest in Western Europe. , at 4.6% versus 1.5%, above the EU average.

Meanwhile, a shortage of student dormitories has prompted several Dutch universities to warn international students to stay away unless they have a place to live.

Amsterdam mayor Femke Halsema said he wants to go ahead with banning tourists from coffee shops and cannabis cafes in the city. reduce crimeHowever, Mayor Halsema also promised that the project would not proceed without the support of the city council because of the “high social and economic impact on the city”. At the event, lawmakers rejected the plan.

The working hours of the Dutch have also made headlines in the newspapers, with some commentators arguing that working as little as possible has almost become a national sport.

and long twitter feedCBS chief economist Peter Hein van Marigen said the claim that the Dutch workweek is the shortest in Europe is not an exaggeration, and that productivity has not risen.

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2022/12/2022-in-pictures-swimming-schiphol-and-cannabis-cafes/ 2022 in pictures: swimming, Schiphol and cannabis cafes

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