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24-year-old online abuser may have threatened over 100 girls

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A 24-year-old man from Etten-Leur, who was arrested last October on suspicion of online abuse of more than 100 underage girls, appeared in court on Thursday and said local police were “investigating the crime.” drafted reinforcements to The biggest online abuse case in history.”

Police changed when the girl, who was 15 at the time, said she was being blackmailed into sending naked photos of herself to her assailant.

Further investigation led to a man named Gianni de W. contacting the girls via social media under pseudonyms such as Bryan.snapx and Bryansnelgeld, telling them they could make money if they sent them naked pictures.

He then threatened to put them online unless he sent them explicit photos or videos of sexual activity. rice field.

About eight girls now report that Van W remains in custody as police attempt to identify the 150 or so girls whose photos were found on computer hard drives. About 20 people have been identified so far, making it one of the largest police investigations to date, the prosecutor’s office said.


Police believe Ban W had been abused online for years and resorted to intimidation and intimidation to prevent victims from reporting the abuse, lawyer Priya Suhay told the station. . NOS “The perpetrator silences the victim. They dare not say anything out of shame and fear.”

Ziska Dyke, who works for the victim advocacy group Slachtofferhulp Nederland, said the impact on the girls she helps is “tremendous”.

“They don’t go to the police because they feel they are being judged. (..) Often the first reaction from parents and friends is ‘why did you do that?’ it doesn’t help. You should ask if there’s anything you can do to help,” said Dyke.

anyone’s child

The scale of the case is no surprise to Soekhai. “The internet is so easy to access. Predators are now sitting behind computers and pretending to be teenagers. It really can happen to anyone’s child,” she said. .

Anke van Dijke of Fier’s Center for Sexual Violence said the key was to break the silence about what happened and not blame the victim. She said, “Don’t take your feelings out on your kids. Whatever happens, tell them it’s not their fault.

The prosecutor’s office said it plans to involve youth organizations, parents, relatives, schools, sports clubs and youth workers to talk to children about the dangers of social media.

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2023/01/24-year-old-online-abuser-may-have-blackmailed-over-100-girls/ 24-year-old online abuser may have threatened over 100 girls

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