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36-year-old man surrenders himself to murder of Middelburg teacher

Police in Middelburg announced the arrest of a suspect 53-year-old woman murdered in her home in the city of Zeeland. He was identified as his 36-year-old man from Austsburg.

The man turned himself in at the Middelburg police station around 2:45 a.m. Monday. He was detained pending further investigation and questioning. It’s not clear if police intended to arrest more suspects in connection with the crimes related to her death.

The woman was found dead Wednesday afternoon during a medical examination after failing to attend her teaching position at a higher vocational institution. Her body was found at her home in De Granato, and police at the time only said there was something that made them believe a crime had been committed there.

“It was different over there. I can’t say yet what these conditions were like,” a police spokesperson told Omrope Zealand at the time. I ask my neighbors.”

Police indicated that a forensic investigation was conducted that day and the crime scene was handled by a mobile laboratory. Detectives also asked people in the area for help while searching for witnesses.

The school community Skalda, where she taught, was shocked by the death of the woman. Told. “We are now focused on mentoring our students and colleagues as much as possible, which is important right now.”

A memorial service for the women is planned after the April-May school holidays.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/04/24/36-year-old-man-turns-middelburg-teachers-murder 36-year-old man surrenders himself to murder of Middelburg teacher

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