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37% national voter turnout, better than 2019 in major cities

By the end of the afternoon, an estimated 37% of voters had cast their ballots in the 2023 state legislative elections. That’s slightly more than the election four years ago. More people voted in most major cities compared to 2019.

About 33% of eligible voters had voted by the end of the afternoon in 2019, improving to 37% on Wednesday, according to an Ipsos survey commissioned by the NOS. The total voter turnout in the last state legislative election in 2019 was 56%.

So far, there are also more voters in major cities compared to four years ago. In Amsterdam, the turnout at 6pm was 34.6% for him. In 2019, his 24.5% of the capital’s residents voted at about the same time.

In Rotterdam, turnout around 6pm was almost 32%, compared to 30.7% in 2019. In The Hague, by the end of the afternoon he had 37.5% of the vote, compared to his 34.5% four years ago. Data from Utrecht were not available due to a technical glitch.

In Eindhoven it was 39.2% around 6pm, in Groningen 46.4% and in Nijmegen 45.1%. Smaller municipalities also reported higher voter turnout than in 2019.

People can vote until 9 pm About 13.3 million people are eligible to vote in elections in these states, according to the Dutch Statistics Office (CBS).

https://nltimes.nl/2023/03/15/national-voter-turnout-37-voting-major-cities-better-2019 37% national voter turnout, better than 2019 in major cities

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