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4 Best LinkedIn Prospecting Tools on the Market

Sales strategies are exceptionally important to reach the right set of target audiences for your products. LinkedIn Automation works in distinct ways where the tools themselves send follow up messages, connection requests and much more. People have been using LinkedIn for sales; thus, they need to reach a certain audience to benefit from the platform.

Apart from LinkedIn ads, several prospecting tools are available that help improve sales strategies and increase the gains for businesses. This article will mention the four best prospecting tools to use on LinkedIn for increasing your sales strategies.

4 Best LinkedIn Prospecting Tools

Read on to learn the four best prospecting tools you can use to improve your sales and why it is essential to use them.

1. Dripify

Dripify is a LinkedIn automation tool used to generate leads for different businesses. It allows the members to create a sales strategy by giving ideas. Additionally, it takes only a few moments to complete the tunnel. It is a cloud-based tool that uses advanced algorithms to help the users reach their target users.

Dripify Features

  • Automated Sales Funnel
  • Uses LinkedIn Analytics
  • Generates leads for your business
  • Helps in Team Management
  • Integrated strongly with 1000+ software solutions

2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is for people who like to use automated LinkedIn prospecting to generate leads. LinkedIn itself has many features to help businesses grow in their field. However, LinkedIn users who need advanced features to increase their data for relevant leads should choose LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

It is a paid perspective tool that works in combination with LinkedIn automation tools. It offers three pricing offers ranging from professionals to business plans. You can also customize your business plan.


  • It is designed to conduct an advanced search for potential clients and companies.
  • It showcases personalized suggestions of prospective clients for you.
  • It has advanced filtering features wherein this sales navigator automatically records leads, sales activities and personalized notes.

Using Linkedin Sales Navigator is recommended for people who are actively engaged in generating leads from LinkedIn.

3. LinkedIn Plugins

Many people fail to understand the importance of adding LinkedIn plugins to their websites. You can add several plugins to your website for increasing your sales strategy and generate more leads. For example, you can add a share option, make a call for following the company profile, add an alumni tool or add a call to action for following the company to receive product information via messages.


  • Add a job opening on your website
  • Work in the backend to generate leads
  • Are a great way to present additional information to the users
  • It makes way for increasing organic follower base

4. LinkedIn Small Business

LinkedIn Small Business is a prospecting tool used to increase your social selling by being a lead generator. This tool is easy-to-use for every individual. You need to follow three steps and the tools start working. First, you need to establish your brand presence; then, you need to connect with your potential audience. The last step includes engaging your target audience with content marketing.

The third step is the most effective as you share valuable content marketing skills with your target audience. The best part about the LinkedIn small business tool is that you attract potential clients and give them the option to decision-makers. LinkedIn small business offers an incredible range of features; therefore, you should take your time to review them. You will have comprehensive strategies to fit your sales and lead generation requirements.


  • Become a service provider
  • You can work with other providers to help each other grow your respective businesses.
  • Follow content marketing strategies to increase your sales
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Can be accessed by anyone; does not have to be tech-savvy.

BONUS LinkedIn Prospecting Tool

5. Octopus CRM

Octopus CRM is a LinkedIn automation tool that helps users to increase lead generation. Additionally, it also helps in streamlining the marketing operations. This software is designed to put forward potential client suggestions and prospects automatically. The user can then use this data to retrieve their leads.

Businesses benefit from using Octopus CRM as it prevents duplicate entries by providing the potential prospect’s business emails to send messages. In addition, you can use various criteria for searching candidates. Octopus CRM is a paid perspective tool but also offers a free trial for users.

Octopus CRM Features

  1. Build your lists
  2. Analytics
  3. Auto invite
  4. Auto endorse
  5. Integrates with other software
  6. LinkedIn mailer

Why Use Prospecting Tools on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has more than 700 million users worldwide, which means that it acts as a treasure for B2B and B2C buyers. As we all know, LinkedIn is a professional platform; thus, people take full advantage of it and build their professional and improve their relationships.

As a result, professionals from the sales market use prospecting tools on LinkedIn to send connection requests and product-related information through InMail messages to their target audiences and potential clients.

Thus, prospecting on LinkedIn is highly helpful for businesses. Here is how LinkedIn prospecting tools are beneficial for you :


Features Yes/No
Discover new and potential customers


Provide extraordinary and effective outreach strategy for the sale Yes
Understand what your potential clients would like to receive Yes
The best strategy to reach your customers Yes
Taking follow-ups Yes
Improve your sales productivity Yes
Streamline your sales strategy Yes
Higher monetary gains and generate higher sales opportunities Yes


LinkedIn is a professional platform that offers an array of features to increase your potential leads. Using LinkedIn prospecting tools can save your time as all the connection requests, personalization, and checking the outreach response is done automatically. Many prospecting tools also use AI to research through wide networks and find prospects that will benefit your business.

Time and energy are a priority in B2B prospecting; therefore,  it helps use LinkedIn for sales prospecting to increase your target audience and organic reach. We hope those mentioned above best-prospecting tools help you in reaching your business prospects and increasing your sales.

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