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60,000 entrepreneurs have yet to start paying back their Corona loans

More than 60,000 Dutch entrepreneurs have yet to start repaying their coronavirus debts to the tax authorities, State Secretary for Tax Marniks van Lai said. letter to parliament. “It’s not clear if this concerns entrepreneurs who can’t pay or who don’t want to pay,” he wrote.

The 60,334 entrepreneurs who have not paid back represent about a quarter of all entrepreneurs who owed tax authorities during the pandemic. They owe more than 2.3 billion euros to the government. About 25,000 of them to the tax authorities he owes less than €5,000.

Despite “repeated attempts by the tax authorities to get the tax authorities to take action,” these entrepreneurs have not contacted the tax authorities or any agencies that can provide assistance, according to Van Ridge. About.

In total, entrepreneurs, including those who have started repaying, still owed €16.5 billion to tax authorities at the end of April.

As a general rule, entrepreneurs are required to pay off their debt over five years in monthly installments. “From mid-June onwards, entrepreneurs who have defaulted on their structural payments and have failed to take action will receive a decision to withdraw their payment arrangements,” Van Ridge said.

On Wednesday, ING warned that: Bankruptcies rise in the hospitality industry in the times to come. Bank economists have cited deferred tax repayments during the coronavirus pandemic as one reason more businesses are going bankrupt.

Delinquent payments are most common among small businesses and are usually relatively minor, according to Van Rij. Most large companies meet their payment deadlines or pay their debts in full.

Entrepreneurs unable to pay can file a debt consolidation application.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/05/18/60000-entrepreneurs-yet-begin-repaying-covid-loans 60,000 entrepreneurs have yet to start paying back their Corona loans

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