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8 arrested in bank helpdesk scam after 150 lost €1.6m

Limburg police have arrested eight suspects of bank helpdesk fraud in the last few months. The suspects, he four men and her four women, are mostly from the Amsterdam area.according to policethey stole a total of €1.6 million from 150 people and scammed victims into thinking they were calling from a bank.

The Limburg Police Cyber ​​Crime Team launched this investigation into bank helpdesk fraud in March 2022. After months of investigation, he arrested four women last October and four men last week.

According to police, the scammers called the victim with a fake number and made it appear that the call was coming from the victim’s bank. I told the victim that I had been hacked. They persuaded the victim to transfer the account balance to a “vault account” or “safe account,” which was actually the suspect’s account.

The women arrested in October are a 20-year-old from Amstelveen, two 21-year-olds from Nigtewecht and Almere, and a 22-year-old from Amsterdam. Last Wednesday, March 22nd, police arrested her four men. Two he’s 24, one from Almere and the other 24 from Amsterdam. The only suspect, his 23-year-old man from Almere, is still in custody. “The remaining seven have been released but remain suspects under investigation.”

https://nltimes.nl/2023/03/31/eight-arrested-bank-help-desk-scam-150-people-lost-eu16-million 8 arrested in bank helpdesk scam after 150 lost €1.6m

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